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  • Published 30/11/2001
    ISBN 9780201728996
      This edition retains the strength of previous editions while adding new material relevant for the changing work environment. The book has been divided into two complementary volumes. This one focuses on the technical context and background of the various media involved in multimedia... Read more
    By: England, Elaine & Finney, Andy
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  • Published 20/11/2001
    ISBN 9780582356580
    Accessible core text dealing with the relationship of tourism and nature, providing a contemporary analysis of the impacts of tourism upon the environment.
    By: Dowling, Stephen & Dowling, Ross
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  • Published 28/10/2001
    ISBN 9780201596199
    Modern coverage of the fundamentals, implementation and applications of digital signal processing techniques from a practical point of view This successful textbook covers most aspects of DSP found in undergraduate electrical, electronic or communications engineering courses. Unlike many other texts... Read more
    By: Ifeachor, Emmanuel & Jervis, Barrie
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  • Published 13/09/2001
    ISBN 9780201730470
    This book is a concise introduction to the key mathematical ideas that underpin computer science, continually stressing the application of discrete mathematics to computing.  It is suitable for students with little or no knowledge of mathematics, and covers the key concepts in a simple and stra... Read more
    By: Haggarty
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  • Published 11/06/2001
    ISBN 9780735710436
    Advanced Linux Programming is divided into two parts. The first covers generic UNIX system services, but with a particular eye towards Linux specific information. This portion of the book will be of use even to advanced programmers who have worked with other Linux systems since it will cover Linux s... Read more
    By: Mitchell, Mark L. et al
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