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  • Published 10/12/2018
    ISBN 9780134857534
    Now, in this fully updated 3rd Edition of Leading at a Higher Level, Blanchard and his colleagues bring together all they’ve learned about world-class leadership, including brand new chapters on building a high-trust workplace, collaborating for high performance, driving success through mentor... Read more
    By: Blanchard, Ken
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  • Published 22/08/2018
    ISBN 9780134779263
    For courses in Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE). Encourage students to think critically about social work practice with a multidisciplinary, theoretical approach Contemporary Human Behavior Theory: A Critical Perspective for Social Work Practice takes a multidisciplinary, theor... Read more
    By: Robbins, Susan P.
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  • Published 17/08/2018
    ISBN 9780135166307
    Core Java has long been recognised as the leading no-nonsense tutorial and reliable reference. It carefully explains the most important language and library features and shows how to build real-world applications with thoroughly tested examples. The example programs have been carefully crafted to be... Read more
    By: Horstmann, Cay S.
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  • Published 27/07/2018
    ISBN 9780134475455
    For courses in sight singing and music theory. The most celebrated, engaging, and musical sight-singing text on the market A freshly updated edition of the classic musical textbook, Music for Sight Singing, 10th Edition, is structured around organised melodies, drawn from the literature of c... Read more
    By: Rogers, Nancy & Ottman, Robert W.
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  • Published 02/07/2018
    ISBN 9780133839210
    For courses in Music Theory, Musical Skills, or Sight Singing. Studying Rhythm introduces students to the basic processes and complexities of musical rhythm and helps them develop the ability to perform all kinds of rhythmic patterns accurately at sight. Authors Anne Hall and Timothy Urban provi... Read more
    By: Hall, Anne Carothers & Urban, Timothy P.
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