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  • Published 15/11/2007
    ISBN 9781740818377
    Lines to Time Fourth Edition has been prepared to meet the requirements of the VCE Literature Study Design. With its chronologically presented selection, Lines to Time Fourth Edition is an exclusive and comprehensive poetry anthology for any senior English Literature course.
    By: Cole, Robert
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  • Published 30/05/2007
    ISBN 9781405863964
    When Francis Cassavant returns to his home town, his face horribly disfigured during World War II, he is tormented by memories of the conflict. People believe him to be a teenage war hero, not realising that his act of ‘heroism’ was in fact a suicide attempt. Back home, Francis has a mis... Read more
    By: Cormier, Robert
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  • Published 30/03/2007
    ISBN 9781405838658
    Everyone seems to be leaving the Welsh village of Manod, and now Dylan Hughes is the only boy left in the village. As he worries whether he will ever find anyone to play football with again, his parents struggle to keep their petrol station afloat.   So when the government takes over the ol... Read more
    By: Cottrell Boyce, Frank
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