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  • Art Investigator

    • By Stockley, Michele
    • Published 01/07/1998
    • ISBN 9780858598331
    • In stock
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    Art Investigator brings the art of the past and present alive and makes it relevant to Australian students. By exploring a range of ideas, styles, periods and themes from ancient Egyptian to contemporary art, it helps middle and senior students develop skills in investigating and discussing art. Ar... Read more >

  • Hanyu for Senior Students: Stage 4

    • By Chang, Peter et al
    • Published 15/03/1998
    • ISBN 9780733900778
    • Available on demand
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    Before purchasing, please note that audio material for Hanyu is no longer available. We recommend you consider our series Jinbu as an alternate resource for the 21st century classroom in the Australian Curriculum. Hànyu is a comprehensive and progressive course for Modern Standard Chinese... Read more >

  • Performance: A Practical Approach to Drama

    • By Tourelle, Louise & McNamara, Marygai
    • Published 01/03/1998
    • ISBN 9780864620798
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Performance: A Practical Approach to Drama is a textbook which aims to develop expressive skills, improvisation and playbuilding strategies, acting technique, and critical response to live theatre. It has been written to fit any course which focuses on the development and evaluation of performance s... Read more >
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