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  • Published 01/01/2011
    ISBN 9780435045944
    A group of students have one week to prepare an environmental project; but what format will it take? Sasha hits upon the idea of creating myths that will pass on an ecological message and as each student comes up with a story, the group acts it out. Villages terrorised by monsters, households terrif... Read more
    By: Conlon, Richard
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  • Published 20/05/2011
    ISBN 9781442517783
    Jinbu 2 provides a thorough foundation for progression to further studies of Chinese. The Jinbu Audio CDs accompany the student books and contain all of the audio for the listening activities, recorded by native Chinese speakers.
    By: Bin, Yu
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  • Published 07/12/2011
    ISBN 9781442536746
    The Pearson English Year 8 teacher companion makes lesson preparation easy by combining full-colour student book page spreads with a wealth of teacher support to help you implement the new language and literacy demands of the Australian English Curriculum. The teacher companion also embeds ACARA's c... Read more
    By: Arnott-Sexton, Christine
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  • Published 07/12/2011
    ISBN 9781442534919
    Pearson History activity book for Year 8 consolidates students’ historical knowledge and understanding and historical skills in accordance with the Australian Curriculum History course. The activities can be set for homework, or for ‘fast finishers’ in the classroom that may need s... Read more
    By: Andison, Cassandra & Melissas, Shirley
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