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  • Published 22/04/2020
    ISBN 9781292343389
    Reader+ is the home of your eBooks. It gives you more options, more flexibility and more control when it comes to the classroom materials you use. It comes with features like in-text note taking, bookmarking, highlighting, interactive videos, audio tools, presentation tools and more. It's all ... Read more
  • Published 07/10/2019
    ISBN 9780325108209
    For too long, sentence instruction has been heavy on correctness and terminology (as in “mind your grammar”) and light on play and experimentation. Or it has been abandoned altogether. In this lively book, Marty Brandt sets out to change all that. It is partly the story of a teacher ... Read more
    By: Brandt, Martin
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  • Published 30/09/2019
    ISBN 9780325109176
    "Writers, like photographers, are image makers." We teach our students to write using words and sentences that create a desired effect. You might encourage them to zoom in on a small moment, focus on a specific detail, or experiment with a new point of view. The language of writing has... Read more
    By: Fletcher, Ralph
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  • Published 20/09/2019
    ISBN 9780325098715
    Shana Frazin and Katy Wischow passionately believe in the need to help students develop strong talk skills across the school day, in every subject, to prepare them for their academic lives and lives as active citizens outside of school. Using a unique “cycle” for talk that’s simila... Read more
    By: Frazin, Shana & Wischow, Katy
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  • Published 12/09/2019
    ISBN 9780325099507
    When we read a nonfiction text, what is the difference between one that keeps us interested and one that merely informs? Especially when the topic may be a bit, well, dry? The difference is narrative. The writer who threads a story throughout her text – using the tools of human connection, of ... Read more
    By: Prather, Liz
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