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Business and Commerce

  • Legal Studies Preliminary, 3rd Edition

    • By Hamper, David Et Al
    • Published 08/12/2009
    • ISBN 9781442517684
    • In stock
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    Book + Disk
    Legal Studies Preliminary Third Edition provides students and teachers access to syllabus specific information on current legal issues, principles, contemporary events and factors affecting the application of the law. The focus of the student book is on accessibility and syllabus coverage. Informat... Read more >

  • Teeline Fast

    • By Dix, Ann
    • Published 01/08/1990
    • ISBN 9780435453527
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Teeline is today's most successful shorthand system because it is based on the English alphabet and is quick to learn. It saves valuable tuition hours which can be used for other business/secretarial skills subjects. Teeline writers are able to reach high speeds and Teeline's logical approach means... Read more >

  • Teeline for Journalists

    • By Johnston, Dawn
    • Published 01/08/2006
    • ISBN 9780435471606
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Teeline for Journalists is a shorthand book and audio CD for journalist students. This title is written with your students' needs in mind, providing plenty of practice to build their confidence and achieve exam success. The book is fully supported by an audio CD so that students can practice dictati... Read more >

  • Teeline Gold Course Book

    • By Clarkson, Jean Et Al
    • Published 01/06/1991
    • ISBN 9780435453534
    • Available on demand (O)
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    The Teeline Gold Course Book gives: a clear, colourful layout all the words you will need for exams and in the world of work lots of exercises to reinforce the theory and to give you that all-important reading practice practical dictation pieces to prepare you for your exam... Read more >
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  • Teeline Gold Word List

    • By Smith, Marvis & Tilly, Anne
    • Published 01/09/1992
    • ISBN 9780435453596
    • In stock
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    Teeline Gold Word List contains the recommended Teeline outlines for over 12000 words—the sorts of words that might be expected to appear fairly frequently in non-technical material. This edition also has appendices of medical and legal words, as well as countries, major towns and cities wor... Read more >

  • Teeline Gold Workbook

    • By Butler, Harry
    • Published 01/08/1991
    • ISBN 9780435453541
    • Available on demand (O)
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    This Workbook is directly linked to the Teeline Gold Course Book to give you unit by unit practice. Use it to: reinforce your classroom learning improve your Teeline outlines go back and revise earlier Teeline theory record your speed and watch it increase. The Teeline ... Read more >

  • The Market Economy 2020 eBook, 8th Edition

    • By Dixon, Tim & O'Mahony, John
    • Published 04/12/2019
    • ISBN 9781488626678
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    Not yet available
    This eBook is coming soon. Once it's ready, the eBook will be made available for you to purchase and the access code will be emailed to you. Australia’s leading texts in Economics have been completely updated in 2020 for students undertaking NSW Year 11 course. The Market Economy is the... Read more >