Consumer Behaviour, 6th Edition

By Leon Schiffman, Aron O'Cass, Angela Paladino, Jamie Carlson

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Consumer Behaviour explores how the examination and application of consumer behaviour is central to the planning, development, and implementation of effective marketing strategies.

In a clear and logical fashion, the authors explain consumer behaviour theory and practice, the use and importance of consumer research, and how social and cultural factors influence consumer decision making.

The 6th Edition of this Australian text provides expanded coverage of contemporary topics and exciting new Instructor Resources, including local video examples.

About the Australian authors

Professor Aron O’Cass is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Tasmania's School of Management. He has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in marketing, a Master of Business majoring in marketing and a PhD in marketing. He has published extensively (over 200 papers) in journals such as the British Journal of Management, Journal of Product Innovation management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Advertising, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Psychology & Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Political Marketing and the Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing and many other consumer behaviour focused journals, as well as numerous international conference proceedings. His research interests include: consumer behaviour and branding, particularly consumer brand associations, cross-cultural consumer behaviour, web retail behaviour and brand development, and political marketing, with a significant body of research on voter behaviour during elections and consumer behaviour related to products and brands. He has also studied and published in the areas of international marketing, political marketing and service branding.

Dr Angela Paladino is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. She has a PhD in strategic marketing and management from the University of Melbourne. She has received over twelve international and national awards for research and teaching excellence including the Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in a PhD thesis at the University of Melbourne, two best paper awards at leading international conferences, an Academy of Marketing Science Outstanding Marketing Teacher Award, an ALTC Teaching Excellence award, a Carrick Citation for Excellence in Teaching, the ANZMAC Distinguished Marketing Educator Award, and various University of Melbourne Teaching Excellence awards and certificates. Her research has appeared in journals such as the Journal of Product Innovation Management, Environmental Education Research, Journal of Marketing Education, Energy Policy, Journal of Brand Management, Business Horizons, Management International Review, Management Decision and Journal of Customer Behavior. Angela teaches and conducts research in consumer behaviour. Her research interests include consumer behaviour, environmental marketing and strategic marketing issues.

Dr Jamie Carlson is a senior lecturer in marketing at the Newcastle Business School, the University of Newcastle. He has a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing with Honours I, and a PhD in marketing. Jamie is primarily focused on understanding consumer behaviour issues across various service platforms, contexts and cultures, with a particular emphasis on the application of new technologies to enhance the customer experience. Research interests include customer loyalty, creation of compelling customer experiences, e-service quality, customer engagement, technology adoption, multi-channel commerce, service branding, value creation and international marketing. His publications appear in journals including the Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Electronic Markets, Internet Research, Managing Service Quality, Services Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, Journal of Sport Management and numerous others. Prior to joining academia, Jamie worked for IBM Global Services, in marketing and business consulting roles.



Instructor's Manual


PowerPoint Presentation

  • The integrated Decision Making Model assists students to better understand the basic framework of consumer behaviour. 
  • The text is divided into five distinct parts so that readers can understand how consumer behaviour is influenced by different environments and situations. 
  • A vivid and lively writing style motivates student interest. 
  • Australia's position in the Asia-Pacific region is discussed and Asian examples and case study material is included.
  • Part opener. Each part opens with a concise summary of the section’s main focus and a breakdown of the chapters pertaining to it. A model of consumer decision making follows, with the related section highlighted for usability.
  • Chapter overview. Each chapter opens with a powerful colour advertisement, along with a topic overview, and a list of chapter objectives.
  • End-of-chapter material. Each chapter contains a chapter summary, key terms and references.
  • Discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter, arising from the content covered. They are designed to encourage critical thinking and discussion.
  • Exercises include more detailed scenarios and questions, which promote active participation and the application of personal experience.
  • Case studies. Challenging case studies are included at the end of the book, ranging from theory-based to company-specific. Each case invites reflection and analysis and is followed by a set of questions.
  • Two sides boxes. Text showing that there are two sides to every discussion, are featured in each chapter. Discussion questions challenge students to think further about these complex issues.
  • Learning objectives are tagged throughout the chapter to reinforce key concepts and allowing for easier navigation.
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Table of contents
  • Part 1: Introduction
  • 1: The foundations of consumer behaviour
  • 2: Market segmentation: segmenting, targeting and positioning for diverse consumer markets
  • Part 2: The consumer as an individual
  • 3: Consumer needs and motivation
  • 4: Personality and self-concept
  • 5: Consumer perception
  • 6: Consumer learning and involvement
  • 7: Consumer attitudes—attitude development and change
  • Part 3: Consumers in their social and cultural settings
  • 8: Social influences on consumer behaviour
  • 9: The family
  • 10: Social class and consumer behaviour
  • 11: The influence of culture on consumer behaviour
  • 12: Subcultural aspects of consumer behaviour
  • 13: Cross-cultural consumer behaviour: An international perspective
  • Part 4: The decision-making process
  • 14: Decision making
  • 15: Consumer influence and diffusion of innovations
  • Part 5: Consumer behaviour and society
  • 16: Public policy and consumer protection

Download the detailed Contents List (94 Kb)