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  • Published 08/08/2016
    ISBN 9780325078083
    The Math in Practice School Bundle includes 14 books altogether: one of each Grade-Level Pack plus an Administrator Pack. Math in Practice is a comprehensive, grade-by-grade professional learning resource designed to fit with any math curriculum you are using. It identifies the big ideas of both ma... Read more
    By: O'Connell, Susan et al
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  • Published 07/12/2009
    ISBN 9781741409673
    This pack contains 8 copies of each reader within Level 6, plus 1 copy of the Teacher Resource. MainSails Level 6 provides students with opportunities to engage in a wide variety of texts that allow them to use oral, written and visual language effectively and to think critically about content.
    By: Eggleton, Jill et al
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    Value Pack
  • Published 22/02/2009
    ISBN 9781741409215
    The Making Connections Blackline Master Books provide texts and activities to develop and consolidate the skills and strategies which were introduced in the Big Books. The Blackline Master Books include: Two practice texts and an informal assessment test for each of the five skill areas ... Read more
    By: Kovalevs, Kay et al
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    Value Pack
  • Published 06/02/2009
    ISBN 9781442508507
    The Making Connections Interactive Big Books are laminated so that students can work interactively with the teacher and mark up the text. To do this: the teacher models the work while students circle/underline words they don't understand as a group, students and teacher revisit the text... Read more
    By: Kovalevs, Kay & Dewsbury, Alison
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    Big Books
  • Published 23/10/2006
    ISBN 9780731272617
    Making Connections Poster Pack is an essential tool for the classroom that helps teachers model comprehension strategies for students. Benefits include: can be used as a reference for students while they work on activities students learn to generate literal, inferential and evaluative q... Read more
    By: Various
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