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Professional Teacher Resources

  • Published 08/10/2019
    ISBN 9780325112749
    Up the Ladder Reading: Nonfiction is for upper-grade readers—and teachers—who are new to the norms and culture of reading workshop, and for readers who would benefit from foundational instruction in the skills of reading nonfiction. By instilling strong habits and routines, this unit wil... Read more
    By: Steinberg, Janet L. et al
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  • Published 02/05/2019
    ISBN 9780325099170
    With K-8 teachers in mind, Andrea Honigsfeld offers this user-friendly, accessible resource to address the diverse language and literacy proficiencies that exist in so many U.S. classrooms today. Andrea unpacks the five levels of language acquisition, based on the TESOL framework, and introduces pra... Read more
    By: Honigsfeld, Andrea
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  • Published 02/05/2014
    ISBN 9780325056609
    Time is precious, and every teacher needs more. No More Sharpening Pencils During Work Time and Other Time Wasters shows you where to find it as well as research-based ways to align every classroom minute you can with the goals you have for learners. The most important learning in any classroom occ... Read more
    By: Brinkerhoff, Elizabeth Hammond et al
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  • Published 01/12/2008
    ISBN 9780325008608
    In our increasingly diverse classrooms, teachers are regularly called to teach writing and English. In Up Close Amanda Hartman, a staff developer with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, models ways to confer and teach English language learners of varying writing and speaking abili... Read more
    By: Hartman, Amanda & Calkins, Lucy
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  • Published 01/10/2002
    ISBN 9780325005379
    Feeding students a steady diet of fiction is all too common in the classroom. Yet informational literacy is critical to success in school and beyond. In Make It Real, Linda Hoyt provides a practical, classroom-friendly guide to unlocking the treasures of informational text. What's more, she demonstr... Read more
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