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  • Published 26/08/2011
    ISBN 9781442551947
    Allows you to access LiveText versions of the Big Books, Blackline Master Books, Teacher Resource Books and Poster Packs Facilitates a blended approach to teaching, combining print and digital resources Lets you zoom in to see an image in detail Allows you to customise pages ... Read more
    By: Kovalevs, Kay
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  • Published 01/12/2008
    ISBN 9780325008608
    In our increasingly diverse classrooms, teachers are regularly called to teach writing and English. In Up Close Amanda Hartman, a staff developer with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, models ways to confer and teach English language learners of varying writing and speaking abili... Read more
    By: Hartman, Amanda & Calkins, Lucy
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  • Published 23/10/2006
    ISBN 9780731272617
    Making Connections Poster Pack is an essential tool for the classroom that helps teachers model comprehension strategies for students. Benefits include: can be used as a reference for students while they work on activities students learn to generate literal, inferential and evaluative q... Read more
    By: Various
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