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  • Published 15/09/2020
    ISBN 9781292290515
    Viva! 2nd edition is packed with content your Spanish language lower secondary students will enjoy learning. With a strong cultural focus and a wide range of resources for all abilities, ¡Viva! opens the window to the Spanish-speaking world. For Level 3, note that Verde is more accessible;... Read more
    By: Hawkes, Rachel et al
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  • Published 12/09/2019
    ISBN 9780325099507
    When we read a nonfiction text, what is the difference between one that keeps us interested and one that merely informs? Especially when the topic may be a bit, well, dry? The difference is narrative. The writer who threads a story throughout her text – using the tools of human connection, of ... Read more
    By: Prather, Liz
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  • Published 15/10/2018
    ISBN 9781488661471
    Reader+ is the home of your eBooks. It gives you more options, more flexibility and more control when it comes to the classroom materials you use. It comes with features like in-text note taking, bookmarking, highlighting, interactive videos, audio tools, presentation tools and more.  It's ... Read more
    By: Rickard, Greg et al
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  • Published 28/11/2016
    ISBN 9781488615078
    The Pearson Science Activity Book is a write-in resource designed to develop and consolidate students’ knowledge and understanding of science by providing a variety of activities and questions to apply skills, reinforce learning outcomes and extend thinking. Updated with explicit differentia... Read more
    By: Rickard, Greg et al
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  • Published 28/11/2016
    ISBN 9781488657191
    This pack contains 1 copy of the Pearson Science 9 Student Book, 1 copy of Pearson Science 9 Activity Book, and access to the eBook Retaining the market-leading inquiry approach to science learning with new and updated content informed by feedback from users of the first edition. The Pearson Scie... Read more
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