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  • Published 02/04/2018
    ISBN 9780134599717
    For courses in traffic engineering.   Focuses on the key skills and understanding required for careers in traffic engineering Traffic Engineering, 5th Edition focuses on the key engineering skills required to practice traffic engineering. It presents both fundamental theory and a broad ... Read more
    By: Roess, Roger P. et al
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  • Published 01/03/2017
    ISBN 9781292161686
    For courses in Java Programming Layered, Back-to-Basics Approach to Java Programming This edition of Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach uses a layered strategy to introduce Java programming and overcome the high failure rates that are common in introductory computer science... Read more
    By: Reges, Stuart & Stepp, Marty
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  • Published 19/01/2017
    ISBN 9780134179216
    For courses in Introductory Reading, Intermediate Reading, and Developmental Reading.   A flexible reading text that helps students become better, more efficient readers by applying skills to real sources   Now in its 4th Edition, Making Reading Relevant is a brief, inte... Read more
    By: Quick, Teri et al
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  • Published 03/11/2016
    ISBN 9781292156200
    For upper-level undergraduate courses in deterministic and stochastic signals and system engineering An Integrative Approach to Signals, Systems and Inference Signals, Systems and Inference is a comprehensive text that builds on introductory courses in time- and frequency-domain analysis ... Read more
    By: Oppenheim, Alan V. & Verghese, George C.
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  • Published 09/02/2016
    ISBN 9780134421186
    For courses in Java Data Structures.   Programming Abstractions in Java is intended for use in the second programming course in most college or university curriculum. Stanford University’s Eric Roberts employs a novel strategy called the client-first approach while maintaining full co... Read more
    By: Roberts, Eric
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