Global Teams: How the best teams achieve high performance

Jo Owen

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Global Teams: How the best teams achieve high performance

By Jo Owen
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Jo Owen
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Based on original research with some of the world’s leading companies, Global Teams is the definitive, practical guide on making the sharp end of globalisation work for you and your organisation.


Jo Owen has worked with over 100 organisations around the world in most major industries. He is the founder of eight charities which have a collective turnover of £100 million annually including Teach First which is now the largest graduate recruiter in the UK.  He built a business in Japan without speaking Japanese; he created HBOS business banking; he was a partner at Accenture and started his career at P&G. He also has spent eight years working with tribes across the world to discover how they survive and succeed, and what businesses can learn from them. He has written 15 books on leadership and management including the best-selling How to Lead, How to Manage and Tribal Business School and is in demand as a speaker at conferences. He was awarded the OBE by the Queen for starting Teach First.


Global Teams will enable leaders, teams and organisation to deal with the challenges they face:


·    How can you ensure that your global team delivers results?

·    How do I trade off our local goals and priorities versus the global priorities?

·    How do I find out what is really going on and how it will affect me?

·    Can I trust top management to support my agenda and me personally?

·    How can I lead people who I do not see and are not like me? 

Table of contents

1 Introduction

2 Summary: what is special about global teams


Part One: Leading the Team

3 The global leadership challenge: new skills, new mindset


Part Two: Teams without Borders

4 Trust: the glue that binds the team

5 Communications: shrinking distance


Part Three: Creating the Firm Wide Context for Success

6 Goals: shared goals or clear goals?

7 Systems and processes: the building blocks of success

8 People and skills: global talent, global mindset

9 Culture: building cultural intelligence

10 Structure: co-ordination and conflict


Part Four: Rising to the Global Challenge

11 Conclusions