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  • A Guide to Learning Independently, 5th Edition

    • By Marshall, Lorraine & Rowland, Frances
    • Published 16/09/2013
    • ISBN 9781442559363
    • In stock
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    A Guide to Learning Independently describes techniques to help students succeed in formal education. It helps with learning tasks such as writing assignments, reading textbooks, making notes and concentrating when studying, as well as offering a range of suggestions as to how students can meet the r... Read more >

  • Academic Skills for International Students

    • By McCulloch, Rosalind & Reid, Andrea
    • Published 29/05/2013
    • ISBN 9781442562844
    • Available on demand
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    Academic Skills for International Students emphasises students’ potential for flexibility and change, and shows them how, through understanding a new educational setting, and adapting their existing learning skills to this, they can acquire the learning habits of successful students. The book... Read more >

  • Advanced Linux Programming

    • By Mitchell, Mark L. et al
    • Published 11/06/2001
    • ISBN 9780735710436
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Advanced Linux Programming is divided into two parts. The first covers generic UNIX system services, but with a particular eye towards Linux specific information. This portion of the book will be of use even to advanced programmers who have worked with other Linux systems since it will cover Linux s... Read more >

  • Advertising: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition

    • By Moriarty, Sandra et al
    • Published 22/08/2014
    • ISBN 9781486002719
    • In stock
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    How do you define great advertising? How do you encourage creativity in advertising? How can interactive and digital media add value to advertising? These questions, and many more are comprehensively answered inside this Australian adaptation of the US text, Advertising & IMC: Principles and P... Read more >

  • Australian Democracy in Theory and Practice, 5th Edition

    • By Maddox, Graham
    • Published 17/06/2005
    • ISBN 9781740910941
    • Available on demand
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    For undergraduate students in politics and history.   Australian Democracy in Theory and Practice explores the dimensions of Australian democracy in terms of policy and practice past and present.  Maddox argues the case for democracy as the best system devised for the political auto... Read more >

  • Australian Foreign Relations

    • By McDougall, Derek
    • Published 14/10/2008
    • ISBN 9781741033717
    • Available on demand
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    Australian Foreign Relations: Into the 21st century aims to present the reader with an introduction to Australian foreign relations, focusing in particular on those contemporary relationships that are most important to Australia. Rather than organising the chapters on the basis of the issues that ... Read more >

  • Australian Youth: Social and Cultural Issues

    • By Nilan, Pam et al
    • Published 03/05/2007
    • ISBN 9780733974656
    • Available on demand
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    Intended for courses in Youth Studies found in Sociology, Social Work, Social Welfare, Adolescent Social Psychology and Secondary Education Departments.   This text is about young Australians in the 21st Century. It takes a sociological lens to the youth phenomena across a broad range ... Read more >