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The Strategy Process: Concepts, Contexts, Cases (5e)

By Henry Mintzberg, Joseph B. Lampel, James Quinn, Sumantra Ghoshal
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'There are two people, and only two, whose ideas must be taught to every MBA in the world: Michael Porter and Henry Mintzberg.' – Forbes Magazine


The Strategy Process is a truly original and authoritative strategy textbook. The author team of Mintzberg, Lampel, Quinn and Ghoshal introduce a richness of theory and practice into this text, offering an ideal introduction for those who want to develop a deep understanding of strategy.


Now into its fifth edition, this text does not shy away from the complexity of strategy but rather seeks to illuminate where it can and encourage debate and reflection at every turn. It shows that strategy is intimately connected with organizational politics and individual management styles, and is firmly grounded in the real world rather than pushing pure theory.


As well as offering a comprehensive overview of the huge body of academic knowledge in this area, The Strategy Process encourages a practical perspective through 36 substantial case studies. From modern multinationals to the battlefields of 19th century Europe, this book shows that strategy is everywhere, and understanding it is essential.

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Pearson United Kingdom
Table of contents

Section 1 - Strategy

1. Strategies

2. Strategists

3. Formulating Strategy

4. Analyzing Strategy

5. Strategy Formation


Section 2 - Forces

6. Strategic Change

7. Cognition

8. Organization

9. Technology

10. Collaboration

11. Globalization

12. Values


Section 3 - Contexts

13. Managing Start-Ups

14. Managing Maturity

15. Managing Experts

16. Managing Innovation

17. Managing Diversity

18. Managing Otherwise



1 Robin Hood

2 Napoleon Bonaparte: victim of an inferior strategy?

3 Heineken

4 McDonald’s

5 Procter & Gamble


7 Barbie vs Bratz

8 The European Airline Industry: Lufthansa in 2003

9 Cadbury Schweppes

10 Airbus versus Boeing: superjumbo and super risks

11 The casino industry

12 Managing European wealth

13 A note on the US wine industry 2007

14 Warner Brothers

15 The making of the iPod

16 Arnold Schwarzenegger (A): strategy or sheer willpower?

17 Novomed loses a client

18 Whisky Exchange

19 Outset Contemporary Art Fund (A)

20 Johnson & Johnson

21 Netflix1

22 Nintendo: fighting the video game console wars

23 Wipro Consulting Services in 2008: building an optimal global configuration in business and IT consulting industry

24 Tiscali UK: The rocky road to offshoring

25 Pixar

26 Natura: the magic behind Brazil’s most admired company

27 Arista Records

28 HBO

29 Building emotional energy for renewal: Nissan

30 Even a clown can do it: Cirque du Soleil recreates live entertainment

31 A restaurant with a difference

32 Managing performance at Haier (A)

33 Sportsmake: a crisis of succession

34 Reorganization at Axion consulting (A)

35 Reorganization at Axion consulting (B)

36 Yahoo!


New to this edition

The fifth edition retains classic readings that are essential foundations of strategic management, while at the same time bringing the readings and cases  up-to-date. The new edition:

  • Looks at how firms are increasingly turning to open innovation as a way of augmenting their technological capabilities.
  • Examines business models with particular emphasis on how firms reinvent their business models.
  • Presents a new view of how global corporations are balancing onshoring and offshoring.
  • Contains new cases on a wide variety of companies – from Wipro, to Netflix, Haire, and Cirque Du Soleil.
  • The book also gives instructors and students the opportunity to the explore different industries – from whisky and wine industries, to airlines, videogames and the arts.
Features & benefits

This book is split into two parts: readings and cases.:


The readings are extracts from seminal Strategy texts and also original material written for this book, covering the core areas of Strategy.


The cases cover a huge range of companies and examples of Strategy from other areas, for example the military strategy of Napoleon.