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  • A Dramatic Approach to Reading Comprehension: Strategies and Activities for Classroom Teachers

    • By Kelner, Lenore B. & Flynn, Rosalind M.
    • Published 01/01/2006
    • ISBN 9780325007946
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Integration occurs when separate parts or elements are combined into a unified whole. A Dramatic Approach to Reading Comprehension focuses on classroom arts integration - equally incorporating skills in drama and reading comprehension into all lessons. Drama and reading comprehension share a multitu... Read more >

  • Heinemann Plays: The Play of To Kill a Mockingbird

    • By Lee, Harper
    • Published 01/12/1995
    • ISBN 9780435233112
    • In stock
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    The play of Harper Lee's famous story of racial tension in America's deep South makes a gripping drama in its own right. It is a moving and exciting story for classroom reading or a school production. This edition has notes and activities to help your understanding and enjoyment of the play.

  • Logo! 4 Rot Workbook (Pack of 8)

    • By LANZER
    • Published 01/09/2001
    • ISBN 9780435367473
    • Available on demand (O)
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    These workbooks provide enjoyable reading and writing activities for every unit in the Student Book. Revision and self-assessment pages for every chapter make these workbooks ideal for homework and independent work in class.

  • MainSails Level 6 Teacher's Resource

    • By Ledington, Sue
    • Published 30/11/2009
    • ISBN 9781869706531
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Book + Disk
    The Teacher’s Resource provides teaching strategies on guided reading, group and independent work. The Blackline Masters encourage further discussion of texts and exciting extension activities. Recommended Digital Specifications PC Windows XP, 7 or 8 2G RAM recommended... Read more >

  • MainSails Level 6: Game Over

    • By Lockyer, John
    • Published 30/09/2008
    • ISBN 9781869706029
    • In stock
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    MainSails Level 6 provides students with opportunities to engage in a wide variety of texts that allow them to use oral, written and visual language effectively and to think critically about content.

  • New Windmills: Flowers for Algernon

    • By Keyes, Daniel
    • Published 01/09/1990
    • ISBN 9780435123437
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Charlie Gordon, a retarded adult, undergoes a brain operation which dramatically increases his intelligence. Charlie becomes a genius. But can he cope emotionally? Can he develop relationships? And how do the psychiatrists and psychologists view Charlie—as a man or as the subject of an exp... Read more >

  • Nitty Gritty 1: Doppelganger

    • By Lohans, Alison
    • Published 30/01/2010
    • ISBN 9781442527638
    • In stock
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    Connor’s Easter holiday is certain to be an exciting time. Not everybody gets to travel to Greece and Turkey on a cruise ship! From the minute Connor and his family arrive, however, bizarre things start to happen. He keeps seeing a a boy who looks almost exactly like him. After Connor’s ... Read more >