Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process eBook

By Kenneth S. Rubin

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    If you want to use Scrum to develop innovative products and services that delight your customers, Essential Scrum is the complete, single-source reference you’ve been searching for. Leading Scrum coach and trainer Kenny Rubin illuminates the values, principles, and practices of Scrum, and describes flexible, proven approaches that can help you implement it far more effectively.

    Whether you are new to Scrum or years into your use, this book will introduce, clarify, and deepen your Scrum knowledge at the team, product, and portfolio levels. Drawing from Rubin’s experience helping hundreds of organisations succeed with Scrum, this book provides easy-to-digest descriptions enhanced by more than two hundred illustrations based on an entirely new visual icon language for describing Scrum’s roles, artifacts, and activities.

    Essential Scrum will provide every team member, manager, and executive with a common understanding of Scrum, a shared vocabulary they can use in applying it, and practical knowledge for deriving maximum value from it.

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    Published by
    Pearson Higher Ed USA
    Table of contents
    • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Chapter 2: Scrum Framework
    • Chapter 3: Agile Principles
    • Chapter 4: Sprints
    • Chapter 5: Requirements and User Stories
    • Chapter 6: Product Backlog
    • Chapter 7: Estimation and Velocity
    • Chapter 8: Technical Debt
    • Chapter 9: Product Owner
    • Chapter 10: ScrumMaster
    • Chapter 11: Development Team
    • Chapter 12: Scrum Team Structures
    • Chapter 13: Managers
    • Chapter 14: Scrum Planning Principles
    • Chapter 15: Multilevel Planning
    • Chapter 16: Portfolio Planning
    • Chapter 17: Envisioning (Product Planning)
    • Chapter 18: Release Planning (Longer-Term Planning)
    • Chapter 19: Sprint Planning
    • Chapter 20: Sprint Execution
    • Chapter 21: Sprint Review
    • Chapter 22: Sprint Retrospective
    • Chapter 23: The Path Forward
    • Glossary
    • References
    • Index