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  • Published 12/06/2020
    ISBN 9780655796985
    This whole school resource pack contains Words Their Way! Teacher eBook Access 4 copies of Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction, Global Edition, 7th Edition 2 copies of Words Their Way Letter and Picture Sorts for Emergent Spellers, Global... Read more
    By: Johnston, Francine et al
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  • Published 02/05/2019
    ISBN 9780325099170
    With K-8 teachers in mind, Andrea Honigsfeld offers this user-friendly, accessible resource to address the diverse language and literacy proficiencies that exist in so many U.S. classrooms today. Andrea unpacks the five levels of language acquisition, based on the TESOL framework, and introduces pra... Read more
    By: Honigsfeld, Andrea
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  • Published 15/10/2018
    ISBN 9781488661327
    Reader+ is the home of your eBooks. It gives you more options, more flexibility and more control when it comes to the classroom materials you use. It comes with features like in-text note taking, bookmarking, highlighting, interactive videos, audio tools, presentation tools and more.  It's ... Read more
    By: Howitt, Bernie et al
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  • Published 13/09/2018
    ISBN 9781292222974
    In keeping with the authors’ belief that the hands-on word sorting approach to word study is invaluable to teachers and students alike, this volume presents prepared sorts covering the complete curriculum of word study for the letter name-alphabetic stage of spelling development. Complete with... Read more
  • Published 15/12/2016
    ISBN 9781292118970
    Expertly structured Pearson Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Spanish Student Book designed to help learners use language independently and to the best of their ability, with fresh and engaging cultural content. A carefully designed programme of learning teaches the ‘building blocks’ of Spanish gr... Read more
    By: Hawkes, Rachel & Lillington, Christopher
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