Pearson Biology Queensland 11 Student Book with eBook

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Pearson Biology Queensland 11 Student Book with eBook

By Martin Hall, Christina Bliss, Samuel Fesuk, Juanita Jacobs
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The best-practice literacy and instructional design supports all learners. A simple to navigate, predictable design enables ease of use. The high quality, relevant photos and illustrations assist the student understanding.

Each Student Book comes with eBook, the digital version of the student book, allowing easier access in and out of the classroom.


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  • The all new Chapter 1 Skills and Assessment Toolkit is accessible via the Student Book Reader+ and provides guidance and advice on how to successfully prepare for and respond to all assessment tasks and skill requirements. Includes scaffolded support, examples and practice to prepare for responding to assessment requirements.
  • The Syllabus subject matter addressed in each chapter is clearly listed, along with any Science as a Human Endeavour features and Mandatory Practicals.
  • Module openers outline the key concepts and skills to be developed and link to the syllabus subject matter listed in the Chapter opener.
  • The SHE feature provides an opportunity for students to appreciate the development of science and its use and influence on society. The SHE features provide a segway into the development of claims and research questions for the Research Investigation.
  • Case studies provide opportunities to engage with current applications and research in Biology and address essential syllabus objectives beyond typical learning and understanding conventions. Case studies develop skills in analysing, interpreting, evaluating, decision-making and predicting. Skills are modelled for students in the case studies and then learning is applied in the case study review.
  • Highlight features focus students’ attention on important information such as key definitions, formulae and salient points.
  • Worked Examples use sequential steps of thinking and working to enhance student understanding of subject matter. Each Worked Example is followed by a Try Yourself task where students apply their learning to a mirrored problem. Fully worked solutions to all Try Yourself problems are available on Pearson Biology 11 Queensland Teacher Reader +
  • A Skillbuilder outlines a method or technique. Each is instructive and self-contained. Skillbuilders step students through the skill to support science application, required when analysing or utilising knowledge.
  • Each module concludes with a summary to help students consolidate the key points and concepts.
  • Key instructions are provided to test students’ understanding of concepts of the module. Tasks are carefully categorised under the relevant cognitive level; Retrieval, Comprehension, Analysis and are developed to assess the syllabus requirements.
  • Each chapter finishes with a list of key terms covered in the chapter and a set of tasks to test students’ abilities to apply the knowledge gained from the chapter.
  • Each Unit finishes with a comprehensive set of exam-style instructions, including multiple choice and extended response. These review tasks assist students to draw together their knowledge and understanding of the whole unit.
  • Key terms are shown in bold throughout the Student Book and are listed at the end of each chapter. A comprehensive glossary at the end of the book defines all the key terms. The glossary aligns with the syllabus context and includes the QCAA defined terminology.
  • Icons make important links to relevant content within the student books and the Skills & Assessment Books.
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Visit the Pearson Queensland senior science landing page to discover more about this new series, access sample pages and request an inspection copy.
Table of contents
  • 1 Biology Skills and Assessment toolkit  * (This chapter is digital-only in Reader+)
  • Part A Working scientifically
  • Part B Student experiment
  • Part C Research investigation
  • Unit 1: Cells and multicellular organisms
  • TOPIC 1: Cells as the basis of life
  • 2 The fundamental cell
  • 3 The functioning cell
  • TOPIC 2: Multicellular organisms
  • 4 Cell organisation
  • 5 Organ systems
  • Unit 1 Review
  • Unit 2: Maintaining the internal environment
  • TOPIC 1: Homeostasis
  • 6 Homeostasis
  • TOPIC 2: Infectious disease
  • 7 Infectious disease
  • 8 The immune response
  • 9 Disease patterns
  • Unit 2 Review
  • Glossary
  • Index

Pearson Queensland senior science unpacks all of the material your students need for success in Queensland senior science by offering complete coverage of the syllabus. All content offers the rigour and depth to address new QCE requirements, saving you time and making the transition easy.

Questions are categorised using Marzano and Kendall’s taxonomy, giving students quality experience to prepare for assessment. The series also offers expert support for all mandatory practicals, and Skills and Assessment Books that provide summaries, practicals, sample assessments, and exam-style topic reviews.


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