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  • Published 15/11/2011
    ISBN 9781442517769
    Jinbu 2 provides a thorough foundation for progression to further studies of Chinese. The Jinbu Activity Books are packed with fun and engaging activities that support each topic in the student books and are perfect for homework, extension and cover work.
    By: Goonan, Jeffrey
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  • Published 01/02/2011
    ISBN 9780325030876
    Today we’re all expected to be “teachers of reading”—no matter what our subject area. With Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Reading, Harvey “Smokey” Daniels and Nancy Steineke support content-area and language-arts teachers alike by pairing more than 75 short, k... Read more
    By: Daniels, Harvey & Steineke, Nancy
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  • Published 01/01/2011
    ISBN 9780435046811
    A group of students arrange a sponsored 24-hour fast to raise money for charity.  Two of the students, Charlie and Holly, brag that they could carry on, and in refusing to back down they end up embarking on a dangerous fast that lasts for days.  The national media picks up the story, setti... Read more
    By: Grant, David
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