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  • Published 26/02/2020
    ISBN 9781292286938
    For undergraduate and graduate Accounting courses, as part of non-Accounting programmes. Accounting for Non-Accounting Students, 10th Edition, by Dyson & Franklin provides real-life understanding of accounting by introducing the purpose and key ideas of financial and management accounting to... Read more
    By: Dyson. J. R. & Franklin, Ellie
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  • Published 16/09/2019
    ISBN 9781292304021
    For courses in global marketing. Familiarises students with global marketing and the global business environment Global Marketing’s environmental and strategic approach outlines the major dimensions of the global business environment for students. The 10th Edition brings global marketi... Read more
    By: Green, Mark C. & Keegan, Warren J.
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  • Published 10/04/2018
    ISBN 9780134709321
    For courses in phlebotomy. Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Specimen Collection from Basic to Advanced links students and health care professionals to the latest information on safe, effective blood collection. Progressing from simple concepts to complex competencies, the text covers all of the communi... Read more
    By: Garza, Diana & Becan-McBride, Kathleen
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  • Published 24/11/2017
    ISBN 9781292222998
    For courses in basic electronics and electronic devices and circuits Electronic Devices, 10th Edition, provides a solid foundation in basic analog electronics and a thorough introduction to analog integrated circuits and programmable devices. The text identifies the circuits and components within a... Read more
    By: Floyd, Thomas L.
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  • Published 20/10/2017
    ISBN 9781292220383
    Business Statistics: A Decision Making Approach provides students with an introduction to business statistics and to the analysis skills and techniques needed to make successful real-world business decisions. Written for students of all mathematical skill levels, the authors present concepts in a ... Read more
    By: Groebner, David et al
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