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  • Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones eBook

    • By Cheng, Eric
    • Published 30/10/2015
    • ISBN 9780134122830
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    Inexpensive, capable, consumer drones have hit the market recently, creating what can only be described as drone mania amongst a diverse range of potential users. Because camera-carrying drones still really only exist on the edge between hobby and the mainstream, there is still a lot of confusion ... Read more >

  • Agile Project Management with Kanban eBook

    • By Brechner, Eric
    • Published 25/02/2015
    • ISBN 9780735698994
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    With Kanban, every minute you spend on a software project can add value for customers. One book can help you achieve this goal: Agile Project Management with Kanban. Author Eric Brechner pioneered Kanban within the Xbox engineering team at Microsoft. Now he shows you exactly how to make it work for ... Read more >

  • Animated Storytelling eBook, 2nd Edition

    • By Blazer, Liz
    • Published 22/06/2019
    • ISBN 9780135660416
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    Animation is a limitless medium for telling stories. Artists can create worlds, defy gravity, flip from factual to fantasy, and transport audiences to places they never imagined. The challenge is having the discipline to reel it in and be intentional about your storytelling choices. This book shows ... Read more >

  • Beyond Bullet Points eBook, 4th Edition

    • By Atkinson, Cliff
    • Published 15/03/2018
    • ISBN 9781509305575
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    Think beyond bullet points–and amplify the impact of your message! Now in its 4th Edition, this popular classic illuminates an innovative, step-by-step methodology designed to unlock the amazing visual story waiting to be released from your message. Communications expert Cliff Atkinson shows h... Read more >

  • Calculus: A Complete Course eBook, 9th Edition

    • By Adams, Robert A. & Essex, Christopher
    • Published 08/02/2017
    • ISBN 9780134528656
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    Calculus: a Complete Course, 9th Edition contains 19 chapters, P and 1—18, plus 5 Appendices. It covers the material usually encountered in a three- to five-semester real-variable calculus program, involving real-valued functions of a single real variable (differential... Read more >

  • CCDA 200-310 Official Cert Guide eBook, 5th Edition

    • By Bruno, Anthony & Jordan, Steve
    • Published 21/06/2016
    • ISBN 9780134305646
    Title type
    CCDA Official Cert Guide, 5th Edition is a comprehensive self-study tool for preparing for the DESGN exam. Complete coverage of all exam topics as posted on the exam topic blueprint ensures students will arrive at a thorough understanding of what they need to master to succeed on the exam. The... Read more >

  • CCDE Study Guide eBook

    • By Al-shawi, Marwan
    • Published 01/10/2015
    • ISBN 9780134135892
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    CCDE Study Guide is written and reviewed by CCDE engineers and helps students to both improve design skills and to study for and pass the CCDE exam. Network design is an art, combining broad technology knowledge and experience. This book covers a broad number of technologies, protocols and design op... Read more >