Quoi de neuf ? 1 Student Book, eBook and Activity Book, 2nd Edition

By Judy Comley, Nathalie Marchand, Philippe Vallantin

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Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, 2nd Edition Student Books for Years 7-10 were revised based on teacher feedback and are aligned with the latest Australian Curriculum: Languages – French (Year 7 entry), Victorian Curriculum for the AC, Western Australian Curriculum for the AC and the NSW Syllabus for the AC. Student Books are up-to-date, relevant to students, helping them build communication, intercultural and viewing skills, and offer new insights into the Francophone cultures and communities.

Students are motivated and learn to become independent learners and communicators whilst using intercultural, investigating and critical thinking skills. They get the opportunity to use French in immersion learning context with the CLIL/extension pages material at the back of each student book.

Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, 2nd Edition eBooks allow students and teachers to interact with the Student Books content and much more, both online and offline. Access to audio tracks, worksheets, grammar learning animations, interactive games and modelling and fun videos that can be used in many different ways. For example, grammar animations may be used in class (whole class or assigned to individuals), at home for flipped learning, or as catch up lessons or revision material, and are a great way to discover or revisit language points in a different way.

The write-in Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, 2nd Edition Activity Books cater for a variety of learning styles, offering opportunities to practise and reinforce key skills and learning. Engaging activities offer support and differentiated learning opportunities whilst allowing students to track their progress for deeper motivation. The Activity Books follow the learning progression of the Student Books and can be used in class or out of class as homework material and formative learning assessment.


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Features of the Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4 Student Book
  • Each Student Book comes with an eBook
  • Based on the latest research and teacher feedback on how students best learn French and written with the intercultural language learning approach
  • Retaining the features you and your students love about Quoi de Neuf ? such as the intercultural learning approach, the bandes dessinées, the clear grammar explanations in ça c’est le francais, and the variety of text types and scaffolded speaking tasks
  • Updated content and visuals to trigger interest, engage, be relevant and develop intercultural understanding and understanding of the diverse
  • French-speaking cultures around the world (la francophonie)
  • Modern refreshed design with meaningful use of elements and colour coding
  • Scaffolded spiralling of learning
  • A wealth and variety of levelled reading texts and listening tracks
  • New Avant de commencer inquiry questions which tap into students’ prior knowledge and trigger conversation
  • New authentic visuals to spark interest and discussion in class
  • Updated learning outcomes to match the Australian Curriculum expectations
  • Updated Allez-y ! 21st century cumulative creative tasks
  • New opportunity for immersion and extension learning with CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) pages at the back of each Student Book
  • Réfléchissez ! notes allow students to reflect about the language and make meaning (inquiry and critical); Remarquez ! notes allow students to notice and analyse; other notes allow students to recall prior learning and provide additional learning support
  • Written by an experienced teaching author team from across Australia
  • Reviewed by a variety of French language and Francophonie educational experts and educators from across Australia
Features of Quoi de Neuf 1-4 eBook
  • Interact with the eBook including audio tracks at the right level both online and offline
  • Contains all student book content
  • Access to audio files, animations, interactive games and videos
  • Access to editable worksheets, weblinks and chapter vocabulary lists
  • A wealth of resources and choice of mode of delivery which allows for flexibility of learning and teaching.
Features of Quoi de Neuf 1-4 Activity Book
  • Aligned with the latest Australian Curriculum: Languages – French
  • Follows the Student Book progression of learning
  • Carefully sequenced and paced tasks including spiralling of learning
  • Comprehensive practice of new language opportunities for extension
  • Chapter opening page: tasks to identify prior knowledge and motivation, as well as intercultural thinking to spark interest
  • Can be used in class or independently
  • Can be used as a formative assessment tool
  • All audio is accessible from the eBook for students
  • Answers to the Activity Book can be found in the Teacher eBook and can be projected in class to ease correction activity
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Series overview
Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum, new NSW Syllabus and WA Curriculum, Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, 2nd Edition offers updated content and visuals, and new features for a complete supportive and flexible set of student and teacher resources, print and digital, as well as retaining the best features of the first edition.

Quoi de Neuf Senior for Years 11-12 was written from the ground up based on teacher research and is aligned with the Victorian Study Design 2019, the NSW Stage 6 Syllabus, the QLD Senior curriculum 2019, and all other states’ senior curricula.

Visit our Quoi de Neuf ? website where you can download sample pages and request inspection copies.
Table of contents
  • How to use
  • Le français en classe
  • Salut !
  • 1. Qui est-ce ?
  • 2. Tu aimes les animaux ?
  • 3. Ma famille
  • 4. À table !
  • Un peu de géographie
  • Un peu de biologie
  • Un peu de maths
  • Un peu de santé alimentaire
  • Le mot juste
  • Conjugaison des verbes
  • Glossaire
  • Français–anglais
  • Anglais–français