Going Viral: The 9 secrets of irresistible marketing

By Brent Coker

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Everyone wants their voice to be heard above the noise of other brands. But how do you get your messages to spread far and wide?

It’s not just down to luck. If you want to make an impact, you need to make your marketing messages magnetic and, in this fascinating book, Brent Coker will show you how. Packed full of practical techniques, expert research and real-life examples, you’ll quickly uncover the nine secrets of irresistible marketing that will work whatever the size of your company. Discover the science behind the world’s most viral ideas, learn how to create messages that people can’t resist sharing and effortlessly build your brand.  


Brent Coker is an internet consumer psychologist who specializes in Viral Marketing. He is an academic, entrepreneur, magazine columnist, public speaker, commentator in the media, and expert witness called in by the federal courts of Australia for questions about Internet business.


Dr Coker’s research has appeared extensively in the media, ranging from the New York Times through to Scientific American (e.g., http://bit.ly/1rTQTMh). His research has appeared on National TV networks including CNN, Fox, and CBS, and he is regularly called upon to give expert opinion on radio, TV, and in print.

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Pearson United Kingdom
Table of contents
  • 1. The Power of Share
  • 2. Self-enhancement
  • 3. Emotion
  • 4. Anticipation
  • 5. Affinity
  • 6. Justice
  • 7. Herding
  • 8. Groups
  • 9. Bump
  • Conclusion