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Celebrating the teachers who inspire our future

Teachers play a fundamental role in building the curiosity, ambition, and lifelong love of learning that makes anything possible. We’re here to celebrate the role teachers play in inspiring students and shaping their successes, from the classroom to graduation to employment and beyond.




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From class leader to world leader


Genevieve Ellison counts herself as “one of the lucky ones”.

In 2000, she taught a Year 5 class at East Claremont Primary School in Perth, which she describes as “interesting and gorgeous” and “really thirsty for knowledge”. Genevieve’s classroom was one where a loose structure allowed her students to drive events and activities, and where creativity and a passion for learning were encouraged every day.

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In this kind of environment, Genevieve very quickly recognised a future leader in one of her students - 10 year old Holly Ransom. “She was very helpful and supportive to every student in the class,” Genevieve says, “but wanting to push her own agenda as well - looking, learning, reading more, and doing extra.”

Even if Holly has always had the potential to be a leader, she may not have actually achieved this is it had not been for her Grade 5 teacher.

Holly credits Ms Ellison’s encouragement and influence as one of the driving forces that resulted in her leading the G20 World Youth Summit in 2014, the first of it’s kind to influence the World Leaders Agenda, and drive outcomes on youth unemployment.

Although these two have stayed in touch over the years, Genevieve was beyond touched when Holly reached out to her for this campaign - she was, in fact, moved to tears.


"To know that Holly actually values what I was lucky enough to give to her, means I’m one of the lucky ones. It is extremely rewarding that she even mentions my name in the way she does and I will forever be very proud of her."

"It's so good to see a student who was so full of hope and promise for the future actually develop and achieve the the amazing things Holly has done. That one of my ex-students rose to those heights is amazing. She was always capable of it - but she actually did it."


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