Trends In Future Skills Research

Sought after Skills in 2030

David Barnett speaks about the research we commissioned to determine the Future of Skills in 2030. Machine learning was used to trawl through massive datasets to identify the occupations and the skills that will be in demand by 2030.

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5 skills employers look for – now and in 2030

What can we do to ensure universities are helping all students – current and future – acquire the skills employers look for?

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How will automation change the role of a university educator?

Considering the accessibility of MOOCs and Google, you’d think that the demand for teachers is in decline. But actually, the opposite is true.

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adapting to teacher landscape - Category page

Adapting to the changing teaching landscape: what university educators need to know

AI won’t replace schoolteachers anytime soon, in fact demand for teachers will increase. It’s just that, the skills they’ll need to get a job will change. Here are the attributes likely to feature in the 2030 employability skills framework for educators.

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The Future of Skills 2030: Why Skills?
Future of Skills: Jobs in 2030