Partnering with Australian universities to adapt to COVID-19

We’re here to help you and your staff transition online


Pearson is the world’s learning company. Backed by over 25 years of experience in online learning, our team of academics, call centre advisors, instructional and content designers are ready to help you meet this unprecedented challenge caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.


By partnering with Pearson, we can help:

  • Minimise the disruption to your institution, staff and, most importantly, your students.

  • Support your institution’s ongoing delivery of high-quality, consistent and engaging learning experiences.

  • Bolster or scale up your academic, technical, administrative and student support services.


We are likely to be feeling the disruption of COVID-19 well beyond this semester, or even this year. Partnering with Pearson now will ensure you undergo a sustainable change that maintains what your students love about being a member of your community.


Online Transition Services


The following four categories have been designed to address the pain points that many Australian higher education institutions are facing right now. Each service can be fully customised to the specific needs of your university.

1. Readiness for online learning

There’s a lot to consider when designing an online program. Content, technology, communications, support and operations are all impacted in a digital first environment.

Pearson’s Institutional Readiness Consulting will help you and your faculty identify and assess current gaps and opportunities for success in online learning.

Where needed, we can support you with Learning Management System (LMS) provisioning and set up.


Readiness for online learning

Transitioning online

2. Transitioning online

We understand that each higher education institution has different immediate, medium-term and long term needs. Pearson can assist by:

Rapid shift to online - rapidly lift and shift current course materials to the LMS for timely access to learning.

Conversion to online - convert current course material into the learning management system to deliver quality learning experiences and outcomes, informed by pedagogy and Pearson’s principles in learning design and assessment strategy.


Designing for online learning - customise online course design and assessment needs, leveraging your academic expertise and our learning design experience.


3. Supporting your staff

Our academic design and technology support for curriculum and learning design and online assessment will not only lift the burden on your staff but will create consistent and engaging learning experiences. Our in-house, global IT help-desk provides technical services for your staff, available 24/7.

We can also provide academic professional development (APD) in online learning to staff, including Pearson designed self-paced online APD modules, and live training, building and enhancing skills required for online teaching.

Our team of experienced online tutors are available to help to deliver online courses alongside your internal staff.


Supporting your staff

Support for your students

4. Support for your students

Any crisis leads to a considerable jump in enquiries from upset, anxious, angry or isolated students. To help you accommodate for this overflow in demand, our in-house student advisors can provide application and enrolment support, and orientation and onboarding services to ensure students are positively introduced to the online learning experience and stay connected. Your students are guaranteed to receive the same excellent service they are provided by your team.

To ensure graduation outcomes, we can provide full online study support with personal, administrative and coursework support with 24/7 online tutoring support as well as 24/7 LMS technical support. We can also offer extended services including careers counselling, welfare support and ESL support.


If we can help you and your learners in any way, please contact us to discuss further.

Jonathan Joffe

Partnerships Director
+61 438 261 840