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Working and learning online
We have provided a collection of free resources to help you plan, prepare and rise above the challenges of COVID-19.

Support for Uni students

Pearson digital resources are available for international university students to purchase and access from countries, such as China, Vietnam and Taiwan.
March 19

Support for Australian Universities

Pearson is the world’s learning company. Backed by over 25 years of experience in online learning, our team of academics, call centre advisors, instructional and content designers are ready to help you meet this unprecedented challenge caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.
March 27

Support Schools

In this uncertain environment, the type of learning resources and tools available to learners is more important than ever. That’s why our team is working hard to provide Australian schools with access to the types of resources that will help learning continue in these difficult times, including expert tips for remote teaching as well as gold standard learning resources.
March 18

Supporting learners, teachers and partners during COVID-19

The spread of the COVID-19 is a once in a generation event that has impacted us all in some way. If we can help you and your learners in any way, please contact us to discuss the details of what you need.
March 16
Supporting educators
Behavioural insights for education. Tips for teachers to increase the emotional intelligence of their students and support student learning.

Behavioural insights for education teachers

Behavioural insights for education. Tips for teachers to increase the emotional intelligence of their students and support student learning
August 26

5 ways to perfect your responsive teaching

We sat down with Fiona Jackson, Literacy Consultant, to discuss how teachers can develop a more responsive approach to their practice and what this might look like in the classroom.
April 17

How flipped classrooms make learning more productive and fun

Flipping the classroom from passive learning to active learning can make learning more productive and fun
October 10

7 Active Learning Strategies to Keep Students Engaged

We chatted to three teachers who shared their experiences of the active learning strategies they use to get the best out of their students.
June 09
Supporting learners
How do you build a series to help students read with full comprehension, and engage with subject-area knowledge in a meaningful way?.

Q & A with the textbook whisperer - Dr Trish Weekes

We asked Dr Weekes how Pearson’s new science and humanities student resources were designed, to be accessible while developing technical literacy.
July 25

Five techniques to support the literacy development of EAL/D students

We asked Dr Melissa Barnes to help us unpack how teachers can help literacy needs of EAL/D students.
July 30

The importance of female mentors in STEM

If they see it, they’ll know they can be it: The importance of female mentors in STEM
August 10

Gender disparity and women in STEM

How do we close the gap when time’s up on gender disparity in STEM?
September 10

How do we use specialist and technical language?

The literacy of our students rests on the quality of their resources, and each subject has its own distinctive literacy demands. Here is the down-low on Humanities.
August 28
The future of education
A report released by JobGetter, revealed that 65% of job seeking university students felt they hadn’t been sufficiently prepared to succeed in the workplace when undertaking studies.

Pearson’s predictions: the most sought-after jobs and skills of 2030

Pearson commissioned research by Oxford University and global think tank, Nesta, about the Future of Skills. The research applied machine learning to trawl through massive jobs datasets to identify both the occupations and - critically - the skills predicted to experience increased demand by 2030.
September 05

How will automation change the role of a university educator?

Considering the accessibility of MOOCs and Google, you’d think that the demand for teachers is in decline. But actually, the opposite is true.
July 18

Transforming schooling

Greg Whitby is the Executive Director of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta and has been developing evidence-based strategies to overhaul the education industry.
May 10

Adapting to the changing teaching landscape

AI won’t replace university anytime soon, in fact demand for teachers will increase. It’s just that, the skills they’ll need to get a job will change.
July 18
Seventy-eight per cent of Australian learners say the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed education as we know it, according to a study released in Australia today.

Farewell Bruce Dawe

At Pearson we were saddened to hear of the passing on 1 April of poet Bruce Dawe.
April 15

The Smith Family

Here at Pearson Australia, we don’t just think that learning changes lives, we know it does. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with The Smith Family.
May 16

75 day workplace challenge yields results

One of the first longitudinal studies of health and wellbeing impacts of a 10,000 step challenge, where participants form teams and log their daily steps or other exercise over 75 days.
May 22