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  • Educational Research: Competencies for Analysis and Applications (12e)

    • By Mills, Geoffrey E. & Gay, L. R.
    • Published 08/01/2018
    • ISBN 9780134784229
    • Available on demand (O)
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    For introduction to research methods/educational research courses. A comprehensive, accessible introduction to educational research Educational Research: Competencies for Analysis and Applications uses engaging, straightforward language to introduce students to the information and skills requ... Read more >

  • Words Their Way for Parents, Tutors, and School Volunteers

    • By Picard & Meadows
    • Published 01/02/2017
    • ISBN 9780132882637
    • In stock
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    For courses in Word Study / Introduction to Reading Education. Learn how to develop a child’s word knowledge and understand its relationship to reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary. Words Their Way® for Parents, Tutors, and School Volunteers is designed to provide friendly in... Read more >

  • Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach (2e)

    • By Tompkins, Gail Et Al
    • Published 06/08/2014
    • ISBN 9781486005284
    • In stock
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    Literacy for the 21st Century, 2e, gives students the strategies and ability to teach literacy effectively in Australian classrooms. Linking the theory and research to classroom practice, and with a greater emphasis on the use of digital literacies, students will gain a practical understanding ... Read more >

  • Marsh's Becoming a Teacher (6e)

    • By Clarke, Maggie & Pittaway, Sharon
    • Published 23/04/2014
    • ISBN 9781442561861
    • In stock
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    Marsh’s Becoming a Teacher, 6th Edition continues to offer pre-service teachers a practical and user-friendly guide to learning to teach that students find invaluable throughout their entire degree. Marsh covers a comprehensive introduction to teaching methodology, preparing pre-serv... Read more >
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  • Teaching Primary Mathematics (5e)

    • By Booker, George Et Al
    • Published 12/04/2014
    • ISBN 9781486002689
    • In stock
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    The fifth edition of Teaching Primary Mathematics has been significantly revised and updated for the current educational environment. The organisation of the book has been redesigned to reflect feedback from readers and the approach taken by the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. Teaching Primary... Read more >

  • Becoming an Early Childhood Educator ESC1240 (Custom Edition) (2e)

    • By Feeney, Stephanie & Moravcik, Eva
    • Published 22/02/2018
    • ISBN 9781488623769
    • In stock
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    This custom edition is published for Edith Cowan University.

  • Teaching English Grammar (2e)

    • By Campbell, Rod & Ryles, Graham
    • Published 22/03/2018
    • ISBN 9781488624391
    • In stock
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    Provides teachers and trainee teachers with a guide to teaching grammar and punctuation in Australian schools within teaching standards and, the curriculum.