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Inclusive access


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Inclusive access

Inclusive access provides affordable access to resources for every student, in time for the first day of class. You package our content and digital courseware resources into the courses you offer, helping with student recruitment and retention. We provide access to leading authors, cutting-edge technology, and a local support team.

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Digital Direct Access


Affordable - leverage economies of scale and provide resources to every student as part of their tuition fees. Inclusive access makes resources affordable for students, and is a persuasive tool in recruitment and retention for institutions.






Inclusive - with inclusive access, every student has the same access to content and assessment resources. It levels the playing field, giving every student the best opportunity for success.

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Analytical - gain insights into student engagement and performance with educator dashboard tools. Know when students are underperforming or need opportunities for extension.






Flexible - choose from:

  • downloadable eBooks with a subscription to MyLabs, Mastering, or Learning Catalytics courseware; or
  • Revel, our interactive reading and learning environment.
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On-demand tutoring

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