Campbell Biology
12th edition
Australian and New Zealand version

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Introducing the latest edition of Campbell Biology, Australian and New Zealand version with even more immersive content, tools, and experiences. The author team’s vision has always been — and continues to be — to develop trusted content, use art to teach, and innovate to create a product that will help every student gain a true understanding of biology.


See what's new in this edition

Explore new and updated features — we’ve added more tools and activities to enhance the teaching and learning experience.


Empower your learners with the latest student-centred content and tools that promote effective learning and engagement. See how the features across the main text, as well as the digital tools in Mastering Biology and Pearson eText reinforce key concepts, build scientific skills, and promote active participation.

Chapter Openers

Start each chapter with a featured question answered by a clear, simple image to help students visualise and remember concepts as they progress. Each opener includes a study tip and references important resources in Mastering Biology.

Pearson eText for the 12th Edition

Bring biology to life with 250 videos and animations, including BioFlix ® 3D Animations, HHMI BioInteractive videos, and Figure Walkthroughs. Each chapter also begins with Get Ready for This Chapter Questions. With the new Scheduled Readings feature, easily select and assign specific sections or full chapters through the assignment creation process.

Dynamic Study Modules

Dynamic Study Modules use the latest developments in cognitive science to help students study by adapting to their performance in real time. Students build confidence and understanding, enabling them to participate and perform better, both in and out of class. Available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Make Connections Figures

These visual representations show the “big picture” relationships between content from different chapters. Now available in the textbook, Pearson eText, and Mastering Biology.


Figure Walkthroughs

We've added more Walkthroughs that highlight key figures with narrated explanations and figure markups, and have embedded self-assessments that guide students to a deeper understanding of biological structures, processes, and functions

Test Bank
NB: Illustrative example, final UI may vary upon publication.

Test Bank

The assessment program has been rebuilt to meet today’s learners. We’ve improved test bank questions to better fit how students read, analyse, and engage with the content.


Unique Australian and New Zealand tutorials

Tutorials reflecting the unique nature of Australian and New Zealand biology are included in selected chapters. Topics include Mammalian Diversity and the Biological origins of Australian plants and animals.

Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules

We’ve added more modules to help instructors save time and teach the toughest topics in General Biology. These modules are easy to use and incorporate the best that the text, Mastering Biology, and Learning Catalytics have to offer.

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