Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 

Classrooms work when you have the right resources. That’s why we’ve not only developed a range of high-quality Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) workbooks and teacher resources, but also given you the power to customise them to suit you and your classroom.


Our PDHPE resources are backed by in-school research and are purpose-built for NSW classrooms and curriculum. Stages 4 and 5 of our PDHPE units are clearly aligned to the 2018 Syllabus and you can add your own content and images suited to your students.


It’s easier than ever to teach with customised and engaging tools and deliver the best classroom experience for your students.

Customisable resources specifically for NSW


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New and updated sample pages for 2019

Stage Five

Stage Four


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What's available?


Customised workbooks

Pearson Custom workbooks have updated statistics, information and examples as well as a wide variety of activities including comprehension, discussion, reflection, debate, survey, all categorised according to thinking skill, with assessment tasks and revision activities in every unit. The units are aligned with the 2018 NSW PDHPE syllabus.


Teacher Resource

Teacher resources

The innovative and practical Teacher Resource is full of imaginative and creative teaching and learning strategies. It includes answers to workbook content, teaching tips and additional activities.

Online content at Pearson Places

Pearson Places provides you with relevant and engaging online content for both students and teachers.

Students have access to interactive activities, weblinks, animations and drag-and-drop interactives.

Teachers have access to time-saving, ready-to-use teacher support material including unit programs



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