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We’re committed to supporting you so that you can get the most out of Reader+. From everyday technical support to customised solutions, our team is always ready to help. Whatever your requirements, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

View our FAQs below and if the answer to your question isn’t there you can chat, call or email us.


Live Chat:

Phone: 1300 473 277

The first time you visit the new, you will be asked to change your password. Once you change your password, you should use that password to login to many other Pearson websites, including Pearson Places, Revel and ActiveLearn Primary. 

To create an account, simply visit Pearson Places to sign up. Pearson Places will step you through the short and simple process.

Your username is most likely your school email address. If you’re unsure, please contact Customer Service for assistance. Reach out via email, or live chat.

If you’ve forgotten your password you can visit Pearson Places and follow the prompts to reset it.

When you purchase your eBook online, you will receive an access code. If you purchase a printed book with eBook, it will come with its eBook access code inside the cover.

To activate your code, you'll need to log in to If you don't have an account you will need to create one at Once you have logged into click on the 'Add product' button in your bookshelf. Type in your 12 digit access code and click 'Verify product now.

For further help, download the 'How to activate my eBook' guide.

After you activate your code, you'll have access to the eBook for either 15 or 27 months, depending on the length of the subject. Check the eBook's specifications to learn more about the expiry details of the product you’re interested in.

If you accidentally activated your eBook on the wrong account, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Please get in touch with us on live chat at Pearson Places or phone 1300 473 277 and we’ll help you set up a re-activation code.

To activate a code that has been used before, you'll need to purchase a re-activation code. Download this guide to learn how to activate a secondhand eBook.

You can use access your eBooks offline by installing the Reader+ app onto your tablet and mobile. Click here to download the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can download your eBooks directly to the app. All your eBooks will sit on your Bookshelf.

1. Click on the cloud icon on the eBook cover. This will now change to the icon with a cloud and icon pointing down. Be patient at this point, try not to tap the icon repeatedly as this can cause the app to freeze.

2. When the icon with the cloud and arrow pointing down appears, there should be a green line that runs around the outside of the white circle. This shows the progress of the download.

3. Next, a box with an arrow pointing up should appear that indicates the last step before the download is complete.

4. Once the download and installation is complete, the book will have a green circle with a white tick. You will now be able to open your books.

All eBooks are accessed via Reader+. And because we take our author’s intellectual property seriously, we don’t provide pdf versions of the eBooks.

Firstly, try logging into If you still cannot log in there either, please contact our Customer Service for assistance.

If you can log in online, but you still cannot log into the app then most likely the issue is with your school’s security settings, which may be blocking access to the Reader+ app.

Your school’s IT Manager needs to adjust the security settings - this is called Whitelisting. Please contact our Customer Service team for instructions on whitelisting:

eBook navigation

There are 3 ways to navigate your eBook using the Page Slider at the bottom of the screen:

1. Select and drag the blue marker along the line and navigate to your page.

2. Type a page number into the box on the right then hit Enter/Go.

3. Use the arrows on either side of the text box to navigate backwards and forwards.


For mobile users - Multi touch eBook navigation

Swipe right or left to turn pages forward or backwards.

Pinch your fingers together or move them apart on the screen while viewing your book to reduce or enlarge the display.

Flick the finger in the upward direction on the screen to quickly scroll through long lists and pages. Tap the screen to stop scrolling, or wait for the scrolling to stop.

Drag by pressing your finger against the screen and dragging it up or down to scroll slowly. Or press your finger against the Page Slider and drag it left or right to navigate between pages.

Tap the screen of an open eBook to display the Reading menu.

Press and hold in the text area of an open eBook to create a Highlight or Note.

Rotate your device to switch from single to double page view.

Video - How to navigate



Please whitelist the below domains and the IP equivalents before accessing Reader+. Whitelist port 80 and port 443.



Most answers for Pearson Mathematics are available at the end of the book or in the Resources section of your Reader+. Some answers and worked solutions are only available as Teacher Resources in Reader+, or in the Teacher Companion book. Ask your classroom teacher to share these solutions with you.


Open your Reader+ title.

At the top of the screen, in the blue bar, look to the right corner. You will see a gem icon. When you press the gem icon, you will see a list of all available resources. Students will have a Student Resources tab which includes

* Worksheet/Programs
* Video
* Interactives

Some titles also have audio resources.

Teachers will see the Student Resources tab, as well as a Teacher Resources Tab.

You will need an internet connection in order to access these resources for the first time. Some resources, including worksheets, videos and practice exams, can be downloaded for use offline later.