How does it work?

Give your students autonomy


Students can access their eBook using their favourite mobile device, be it a tablet, laptop or smartphone. So they can read and study at any time, from anywhere, even when they're offline.

Make learning personal


Reader+ delivers all the content of an eBook plus added extras. Students can highlight, filter, arrange, record and group their notes in a way that’s personal and makes sense to them.

It’s designed to empower your students to take control of their learning and access content, learn it, retain it and apply it, both in the classroom, and beyond.

Extra features include:

  • in-text note taking, bookmarking and highlighting

  • easy to read display

  • interactive videos and audio

  • teacher and student notes, all in one place across multiple titles

  • presentation tools and features

Plus, the Teacher’s Reader+ eBook includes content like teaching programs, worksheets answers, tests and more.

How do I access my eBook?

Access your eBook online

  1. Purchase your eBook online

  2. Create a free account on Pearson Places

  3. Use Pearson Places to access your eBook and extra features via Reader+

Access your eBook offline

  1. Purchase your eBook online

  2. If you haven’t already, download the Reader+ app. The app can be used on any device - mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, mac or android.

  3. Then visit Pearson Places to activate eBook via Reader+

  4. Now you can access your eBook offline, via the desktop app

Click here to download the pdf guide

Available for these titles

Australia in the Global Economy (12) NSW
The Market Economy (11) NSW
Global Interactions (11-12) NSW
Pearson Geography (7-10)
Pearson Geography New South Wales (7-10)
Pearson History (7-10)
Pearson History New South Wales (7-10)
Pearson Humanities Victoria (7-10)
Pearson Humanities and Social Sciences Western Australia, (7-10)
Pearson English (7-10)
Pearson English VCE
Heinemann Media (11-12)
Jinbu (7-9)
Quoi de neuf ? (7-10)
Saling Silang (7-8)
Ecco!, 2nd Edition (7-10)
iiTomo (7-12)
Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales (7-10)

New Senior Mathematics, 3rd Edition (11-12) NSW
Pearson Mathematics, 2nd Edition (7-10)
Pearson Queensland Senior Maths (11- 12)
Pearson Biology New South Wales (11-12)
Pearson Biology Queensland (11-12)
Heinemann Biology 1 and 2, 5th Edition (11-12) VIC
Pearson Chemistry Western Australia (11-12)
Pearson Chemistry New South Wales (11-12)
Pearson Chemistry Queensland (11-12)
Heinemann Chemistry 1 and 2, 5th Edition (11-12) VIC
Pearson Physics Western Australia (11- 12)
Pearson Physics New South Wales (11-12)
Pearson Physics Queensland (11-12)
Heinemann Physics 11 and 12, 4th Edition (11-12) VIC
Pearson Science, 2nd Edition (7-10)
Pearson Science New South Wales (7-10)