Digital first for today’s students

Engaging and fun


We combine traditional text with interactive elements, videos, images, visualisations and graphs to make content engaging and fun, to support a range of learning styles and overall learning. And with personalised, game-based design, learning becomes a digital journey.

Trackable progress


We know the value of formative assessment in learning. That’s why we’ve integrated it throughout Lightbook, giving teachers more control and insight, and giving students a chance to track their progress with ease. Inside the Progress Tracker dashboard, teachers can also give feedback to students based on performance.

Transparent, flexible assignments


Get more control by choosing assessments that are right for your class. You get access to highly personalised and flexible pre, during and post features such as assigning questions to individual students or a full class, watching progress in real-time and releasing answers to the Progress Tracker. You can even choose between formative and summative assessment styles. The choice is yours.

Independent learning


With Lightbook, students take more control over their learning. From checking their performance on the Progress Tracker, to access to worked solutions and connection with teachers and peers, autonomy is woven into the platform. And now students can test their knowledge with the on-demand Practice Run feature, giving them practice exams and assessment question insights in an easy-to-use, stress-free environment.

Personalised learning


We know teachers need control over the content they teach. Lightbook gives you more control and opportunities for differentiation, with in-content question selection, personalisation for students, and a Task Centre that allows you to create and assign tasks to individual students or a full class.

Timely feedback


Without immediate feedback, misconceptions can grow. Lightbook features auto-correcting questions that provide feedback to students while they’re learning, to help address areas for improvement and reinforce strengths. Plus there are worked examples embedded throughout to help you demonstrate a concept step-by-step.