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Lightbook takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology and is designed to help you integrate technology into your classroom with ease. For this reason, there is no offline or print component. PDF backups are available to download through the student resources in Lightbook and can be stored on your school's network.

Lightbook is device agnostic, meaning it works on any digital device and on any browser. There are specific technical requirements which your school will have to meet to ensure Lightbook runs smoothly.

Read the recommended technical specifications.

Digital learning resources give you the power to enhance your classrooms with technology and the choice to make the most of the opportunities technology presents. Real-time feedback supports independent learning among your students, while extensive formative and summative assessment and progress tracking help keep them on track. Lightbook’s digital features are flexible enough to also support flipped classrooms and other teaching methods.

You can request a demo of Lightbook, however we don’t offer single teacher or single student licences, as Lightbook is designed for 1:1 classroom use.

You can booklist Lightbook through a bookseller of your choice, or you can purchase it directly. Contact us for more information.

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Lightbook gives you the control and flexibility to allocate homework when and where you see fit. Designed to accelerate learning, Lightbook combines your textbook, workbook, study guide, exam preparation and more with summative and formative assessment, and instant feedback. Each of the interactive questions can be used either in class, or at home as homework support. There are a range of questions to work through depending on how you plan your lesson.

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Yes, Lightbook is a web-based product, with a responsive design. This means we have optimised how it will look and perform on any device. It does not utilise any Flash content, and instead uses HTML5 for all activities and multimedia.

HTML files are smaller and usually load quicker than if they were presented in outdated technology modes such as Flash. They will also load on iPads and all other tablet devices.

There are short and long answers that students work through within each chapter. Also, we recognise that much of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics requires students to conduct workings on paper – after all, exams are completed on paper. In many examples, we encourage students to do their work on paper, and enter the answer into the system, to check their understanding and to record their completion in the Progress Tracker.

There is plenty of practice material to prepare students for exams within Lightbook. There’s a backup PDF functionality that will allow you to export content – this could be used for a question or review section to allow students to practise their exam preparation on paper. There are also downloadable practice exams.

As Lightbook aims to give you content all in one place, there is not a separate teacher’s resource package. Instead, there are teacher resources available within Lightbook:

  • Practice exams

  • Investigations. Note: The teacher resource package ‘Investigations for Lightbook Science’ includes the required risk assessments, lab tech notes and it also aligns with Pasco data collection equipment and 'sparklabs'.

  • Teaching and correlation grids to the syllabus.

There is a simple search function located at the top of each screen, allowing you to search for any content throughout the product. If you want to help students access specific content in class, there are jump codes. Jump codes solve the issue of not having a page number, as you would in print. Each piece of content in Lightbook has a code allocated to it. When you locate the code, you can simply type the code into the search and jump to the content.

Yes, you can. The design is responsive and web-based, allowing you to use your browser setting to change the size of the font very easily.

No. All animations load within Lightbook.

Yes. As a summary: Year 11 titles are $89.95 per student (27-month access). Year 12 titles are $89.95 per student (15-month access). Teachers and Lab Techs who are using Lightbook get access for free.