We've combined our leading texts with a next-generation digital learning platform.


The way we learn is changing. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of students’ needs and together, help them get the best out of their education.

With Lightbook, it’s about empowerment. Lightbook gives you more control and flexibility in your teaching. With interactive content, videos and trackable assessment, it’s easier than ever to help students engage, adapt and succeed today and in the future.

Lightbook at a glance


  • Flexible presentation of concepts

  • Personalised, self-paced learning

  • Instant feedback

  • Summative and formative assessment

  • Based on cutting-edge researcht

  • Responsive to display on any device

Why go digital with Lightbook?

Technology is shaping our modern world. We now have the opportunity to make our lives and learning as individual as we are. To make the most of technology, we need digital resources that work with us. We need them to be flexible and adaptable to help everyone make progress in their lives through learning.

Lightbook brings together the best of traditional resources and teaching methods with personalised, digital learning. Educators have control over the content they choose for their classes, and students have the autonomy to work and consolidate their learning anywhere, at any time.

Please note: Lightbook is not for individual sale and must be purchased as part of a class adoption.