Digital resources for today's students

Check-in and assess with ease


Check in on learning as they progress. With Lightbook Starter, you can establish a baseline for each student and compare against class progress. And auto-correcting questions help you assess students as they’re learning.


Each chapter features a ‘You may know’ section at the beginning to check-in and address any possible gaps in prior knowledge, prerequisite skills and concepts prior to beginning each new chapter.

Trackable progress for teachers


We know the value of formative and summative assessment in learning. That’s why we’ve integrated them into Lightbook Starter, giving teachers the choice to track progress. Inside the Progress Tracker dashboard, teachers can also give feedback to students based on performance.

Autonomy for students


With Lightbook Starter, students take more control over their learning. They can activate prior knowledge with introductory practice questions and check understanding with “check-in” questions.

With the Progress Tracker, they can see their learning in action and get valuable feedback on their individual and class progress. They can also access worked solutions for every maths question, hints and progress without having to have to ask a teacher, and the teacher can see what kind of hints or help their students are using to get through their work.

Timely feedback


Lightbook Starter gives you the power to give immediate feedback and stop any misconceptions forming. It also features auto-correcting questions that provide feedback to students while they’re learning, to help address areas for improvement and reinforce strengths.