Features at a glance

Before you begin


Each ‘Before you begin’ section includes:


  • A brief introduction and examples of the concept

  • Practice questions that assess the student’s prior knowledge and skills, and help them recall and activate their prior knowledge

  • A glance at which answers are correct, incorrect, complete (but not marked) and incomplete in the Progress Tracker

Check-in questions and hints


Designed to check understanding after completing a topic, check-in questions are a short assessment of learning outcomes. These auto-correcting questions are linked to the Progress Tracker.

Check-in questions can be used as a short quiz after each lesson or as preparation for summative assessment at the end of the chapter.

Learners can also access hints and progress without having to ask a teacher. The teacher also gets to see what kind of hints or help their students are using to get through their work.

Progress tracker


The Progress Tracker dashboard helps students and teachers review progress on all auto-correcting exercises. Written feedback can be added and students get a digital record of their progress and achievement. Teachers can review an individual or the entire class at any time, allowing for a flexible, tailored approach and diagnostic feedback.