Want to check the readiness of your students and keep track of their progress?


The way we learn is changing. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of students’ needs and together, help them get the best out of their education.

With Lightbook Starter, you get an innovative digital resource that helps you prepare students and assesses against outcomes. It's all about giving you more options and flexibility to help students engage, adapt and succeed today and in the future.

Lightbook Starter at a glance


  • Personalised, self-paced learning

  • Instant feedback

  • Summative and formative assessment

  • Based on cutting-edge research

  • Responsive to display on any device

Lightbook Starter is available in VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and NT for Pearson Science 7-10, 2nd Edition, and Pearson Mathematics 7-10, 2nd Edition.

The content in Lightbook Starter is mapped to each student book chapter as well as to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics syllabus content descriptions, as well as Science and the Victorian curriculum descriptors and elaborations.

Why go digital with Lightbook Starter?

Teachers have more opportunity now than ever, to harness technology, empower their classrooms and inspire their students. Digital resources like Lightbook Starter give teachers and students more ability to tailor their learning experiences and have more choice in their outcomes.

Lightbook Starter is a digital learning and assessment resource to use alongside traditional texts, and also allows teachers to track student progress with ease. With Lightbook Starter, students get more autonomy so they can take control and consolidate their learning, anywhere at any time.

Please note: Lightbook Starter is not for individual sale and must be purchased as part of a class adoption.