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It’s all about engaging students to help them make progress in their lives through learning.

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Digital content and assessment

Lightbook is our flagship digital content and assessment platform. With Lightbook, you have the choice to use interactive content, engaging videos and trackable assessments to make learning fun and effective for today’s digital native students.

Teach, assess and track your entire class on the one platform.

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Digital content and assessment

Digital assessment

Lightbook Starter is our innovative digital assessment platform, helping students consolidate their learning and giving teachers the power to track student progress with ease.

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Digital assessment

eBook with extras

Reader+ is our next generation eBook. Students can read, take notes, save bookmarks and more, in one seamless experience, anywhere, at any time. Integrated multimedia (audio/video) and interactive activities are also included to enhance and extend the learning experience.

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eBook with extras

Digital hub

Pearson Places is our digital hub, with all the online learning and teaching resources for secondary products.

It’s also the place to access eBooks, Reader+, Lightbook and Lightbook Starter.

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Pearson places