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iiTomo components

iiTomo 1-4, 2nd Edition

Student books

  • Revised based on user feedback and aligned with the latest Japanese curricula across states in secondary years
  • Up-to-date visuals and design to offer exposure to ‘today’s’ Japan
  • More relevant to student life and offers extension opportunities and additional support for personalised learning
  • Chapter introduction pages and end of chapter vocabulary lists

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iiTomo Student books

iiTomo Activity Books

Activity books

  • Follows the student book progression of learning for a suitable pace of learning and a consistent approach to activities across resources
  • Updated engaging activities offering even more support and differentiated learning opportunities
  • Students can track their own progress for greater freedom and autonomy

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  • Electronic version of the textbook that students can access anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Access to audio tracks, animations, interactive games and videos for different ways to discover or revisit languages points
    • Audio tracks: student book audio, activity book audio and worksheets audio
    • Animations: grammar; stroke order for all hiragana, all katakana and chapter kanji
    • Videos: pronunciation modelling videos, authentic fun drama-style videos
  • Access to editable worksheets, character writing grid templates and complete chapter vocabulary lists to support students in their learning

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iiTomo Teacher guides

Teacher resources

  • A new print teacher guide with complete mapping of the iiTomo resources and assets, as well as supportive teaching notes and ideas for activities, for ease of planning and lesson preparation.
  • have a teacher-specific eBook, which includes all student eBook content, downloadable audio files and a range of additional resources such as editable chapter tests,curriculum grids, tests and projectable activity book answers and more

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iiTomo Senior

Senior book

  • iiTomo Senior is designed to equip students for their exams with an all-in-one resource
  • Up-to-date, relevant and meaningful topics, subtopics, language, texts and visuals
  • Based on the latest research in senior classrooms on how students best learn Japanese in years 11-12
  • Aligned with the latest Japanese curricula across states in secondary years

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iiTomo Senior

iiTomo Senior eBook

eBook for students

  • Electronic version of the Senior book that students can access anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Access to audio files, consolidation and extension worksheets
  • Access to iiTomo 3+4 grammar animations for revision

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Teacher eBook with audio download

  • access to all student eBook content
  • extra teaching support such as curriculum correlation, teaching guides all answers and audioscripts
  • download all audio files

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iiTomo senior Teacher ebook


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