Spanning the secondary years


The only series to offer a full 7-12 Japanese solution, aligned to state syllabuses and the Australian Curriculum.


Explore iiTomo 1-4, 2nd Edition

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Spark students' curiosity from years 7-12

Teachers and students of Japanese in Australia now have a 7–12 series that features up-to-date, authentic language and content, in a set of supportive resources.

iiTomo is designed to help spark students’ curiosity and motivation with relevant content that links to their personal experience.

It’s aimed at helping students become independent learners and confident communicators, and maintains a focus on intercultural understanding, general capabilities, cross-curriculum priorities and future skills.

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Explore the iiTomo 1-4, 2nd Edition series

Improved series

Teachers told us how to improve on the first edition of iiTomo. We listened. This edition is the result of a review of content and format.

The iiTomo 1–4 series is based on best practice for teaching and learning. It’s about supporting teachers in planning and delivery of lessons for flexibility and differentiation, and offering the best support to students in their learning of Japanese.


Written by experienced authors

The improved series is based on in-school research conducted with existing iiTomo users, as well as listening to Japanese educators across Australia.

The content is written by the same experienced author team as the first edition and has been reviewed by a variety of Japanese language education experts and educators who understand the needs of the Japanese classroom in Australia.


Meet the authors

Easy lesson planning for teachers

This edition offers a teacher guide which includes additional ideas, a wealth of activities and complete mapping of the iiTomo resources to ease planning and lesson preparation.


Written to the Australian Curriculum

Our series is written to the Australian, Victorian and Western Australian curricula and the New South Wales Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.


Explore iiTomo Senior

A new resource for senior students

iiTomo Senior is a new all-in-one resource offering a wealth of reading, listening and practice opportunities. We chose the topics, text and visuals based on authenticity and relevance to student life.

It is designed to help students develop their language, intercultural and critical learning skills, to prepare them for their assessments, final exams and beyond.

Completing the 7–12 solution

iiTomo Senior, when combined with iiTomo 1–4, spans the full 7–12 years. We’ve built in spiralling of learning, offering consistency and continuity for students and teachers

Written to the curriculum

iiTomo Senior is written to the new Victorian study design and the new Queensland senior curriculum. It’s also written to the NSW Stage 6 syllabus and the SA senior syllabus, and we’re working with Western Australia on alignment with the WA senior syllabus.


Student support

iiTomo Senior eBook offers a wide range of audio materials, recorded by native speakers, as a model for listening comprehension and exam practice.

It also includes annotated sample exams, exam-style questions, tips and guidance for exam preparation, and self-assessment opportunities to help identify any gaps in understanding.