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Ecco! Uno and Ecco! Due, 2nd Edition


For students:

We have completely revised this popular series based on teacher feedback, current practice and to be fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum and latest Italian curricula across states in the secondary years.


Student Books

Ecco! Uno is for Years 7-8 and Ecco! Due is for Years 9-10.

  • Each Student Book comes with its eBook
  • Introduces new language in context
  • Up-to-date content, thinking prompts and visuals to be more relevant to students’ life and help them understand Italian culture and build on critical and intercultural skills.
  • Clear supportive grammar explanations with animations linked from the eBook
  • 1-3 reading texts in each chapter to extend learning and build on Viewing, Reading and Responding skills.
  • A strong approach to learning pronunciation in Uno, with audio and video support in the eBook.
  • A blog of a young Australian in Italy who discovers the country and culture to trigger interest and intercultural understanding in Uno, and of a young Italian in Australia in Due.
  • One gesture per chapter introduced in context, with video support in Uno.
  • A set of modi di dire introduced in context and explained in each chapter in Due.
  • History insights texts in Due to extend language learning and develop cross-curriculum understanding and skills.
  • One Interview video per chapter in Due to extend learning and investigate topics.

Ecco! Student Books


The eBook version of the Student Book has a range of supporting media available, including

  • on-level audio tracks, recorded by native speakers, at the right pace
  • grammar explanation animations
  • pronunciation modelling videos
  • interactive games and cartoon stories
  • authentic, fun gestures videos in Uno
  • authentic topical interviews in Due

Students also have access to editable worksheets and chapter vocabulary lists in their eBook. The eBooks can be used offline and online, on any device.


Ecco! eBooks

Activity Books

The write-in Activity Books cater for a variety of learning styles, reinforcing and enriching key skills. Updated engaging activities offer even more differentiated learning opportunities.

  • Fully aligned with the latest Italian curricula across states
  • Offer consolidation and practice, following the Student Book progression of learning
  • Can be used either in the classroom or as homework
  • All audio is accessible for students from the relevant eBook


Ecco! Activity Books

For teachers:

Ecco! Uno and Ecco! Due offer comprehensive teacher support, catering for beginning, relief and experienced teachers. Make lesson preparation and implementation easy using the wealth of teacher support available, to help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Languages – Italian or your state syllabus.


Download free teaching resources

Teacher eBooks with audio download

Teacher eBooks work in both online and offline environments on all devices and unlock content available to educators only for the life of the edition.

This includes:

  • All Student eBook content
  • Downloadable audio tracks
  • Curriculum correlation mapping
  • Suggested teaching scope and sequence
  • Chapter tests
  • Projectable Activity Book answers
  • Tests and worksheets answers
  • Audio for tests and worksheets
  • Audio scripts
  • Gestures and Interview video scripts
  • Teacher weblinks
  • Teaching notes

Teacher Companions

An all-in-one print books which include:

  • full Student Book pages with a wealth of wrap-around teacher support: Communicare, Lingua and Cultura
  • extension activities and additional prompts to support differentiation and struggling students and encourage reflection and intercultural understanding
  • guidance on formative assessment and identifying needs and misconceptions
  • all Student Book answers
  • all Activity Book pages with answers
  • all audio scripts.

Ecco! Teacher resources

Ecco! Senior

Ecco! Senior Senior Book

  • Written to the latest version of Australian states senior syllabi by an expert team of authors
  • Reviewed by experienced educators across Australia and Italian language experts
  • Offers up-to-date, relevant and authentic language, texts, visuals and topics
  • Includes exam-style questions, annotated samples, preparation tasks and support
  • Includes practice for Viewing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Multimodal analysing and responding, Higher order thinking and responding, Grammar
  • Builds Critical thinking, Intercultural understanding, Collaboration, Research, ICT and Presentation skills.

Listen to a podcast about Ecco! Senior

Podcast is 16.25 min from our expert author team Gabriella Bertolissi, Adriana Blazincic, Carla Catanzariti, Maria Gaudioso, Maria Lo Presti.


Senior eBook 

  • Presents an electronic version of the Student Book
  • Includes all audio tracks for the Student Book and worksheets, recorded by native speakers
  • 3 editable practice and consolidation worksheets per chapter (reading and writing; listening and responding; grammar)
  • Editable chapter vocabulary lists for learning and revision
  • Grammar revision and consolidation animations (Years 9-10 concepts)

Teacher eBook with Audio download

  • Includes access to all student eBook content
  • Includes all answers for Student Book and online worksheets
  • Offers extra teaching support such as curriculum mapping (Vic, WA, NSW, SA, Qld), suggested scope and sequence (Vic, WA, NSW), a Viewing skills implementation guide and an additional resources guide
  • Includes all audio scripts
  • Allows for download of all audio files onto your device
  • Is valid for the life of the edition

Ecco! Senior