Spanning the secondary years

The only up-to-date Italian series to offer a complete 7–12 learning progression, aligned to current state syllabi and the Australian Curriculum.

Ecco! is designed to help spark students’ curiosity and sustain their motivation to learn Italian.

Explore Ecco! Senior for Years 11 and 12

Explore Ecco! Uno & Ecco! Due, 2nd Edition for Years 7-10

Ecco! Uno and Ecco! Due 2nd Edition

Quality content developed by expert educators for Years 7-10

  • Ecco's wealth of resources and modes of delivery allows for flexibility of learning and teaching.
  • Updated learning progression integrating spiraling of learning and intercultural learning, with a natural transition from years 7-8 to years 9-10
  • Based on the latest research on how students learn Italian and languages
  • Compliant to the Australian Curriculum and latest state-specific syllabus
  • Retains the features you told us you loved about Ecco! 1st Edition
  • Updated language, topics, content and visuals
  • Supportive for students and teachers
  • Write-in Activity Books following the progression of learning
  • eBooks with audio, videos, interactive games, editable worksheets and tests, projectable answers and more assets for students and teachers


For teachers, by teachers

Feel confident teaching with content that’s built using the latest research and feedback from teachers just like you. We revised and updated the series with new content, features and engaging authentic visuals, based on teacher feedback, author expertise, latest versions of the Australian Curriculum and state-specific syllabi, best practice and current research.

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Student motivation, engagement and enjoyment are at the core of Ecco!

  • Language introduced in context with visual support
  • Cultural authenticity
  • Engaging fumetti (cartoon stories) with much loved characters and a fun storyline
  • Clear grammatical explanations with supportive examples and supportive tasks
  • Varied text types and a wealth of engaging listening and speaking opportunities
  • Varied task types and supportive instruction
  • Videos to support, enhance and model learning (see below)
  • Interactive games and interactive fumetti
  • Practice, consolidation, reflection and support at the core of the Activity Book
  • Consolidation and creative worksheets
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Pronunciation and sound system
  • Creative, collaboration and ICT projects
  • Cross-curriculum learning and skill building.


Access to videos that support and model learning

Ecco! 2nd Edition gives you and your students access to videos that have been built to support and model learning.

The videos include:

  • short grammar explanation animations with engaging graphics and supportive animation effects
  • pronunciation modelling and practice videos
  • drama-style videos to explore gestures in context in Uno
  • interview videos on-topic in Due.


Teacher resources

We added a wide range of extra teaching resources to help ease planning and lesson preparation. Resources include a Teacher Companion book and a Teacher eBook (valid for the life of the edition) with Australian Curriculum and state curriculum mapping, chapter tests, all audio scripts and answers, projectable Activity Book answers, scope and sequence charts, and more.


The Teacher eBook allows you to download all audio tracks onto your device.




Award winning Ecco! Senior for Years 11-12

New resources for senior students

Ecco! Senior is a new all-in-one resource that’s equipped to meet the needs of senior students in their final years of studies.

It offers a wealth of authentic viewing, reading and listening, and supportive speaking and writing opportunities, challenging students adequately.

Some key features include:

  • Up-to-date, authentic topics, language and visuals
  • Varied viewing, reading and listening text types and responding practice
  • Wide range of audio material, recorded by native speakers
  • Varied speaking and writing text styles
  • Multiple opportunities to build higher order response skills
  • Multimodal responding
  • Viewing skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Intercultural skills
  • Creative, collaborating, ICT and presentation skills
  • Clear grammar explanation with supportive examples, checkpoints, cumulative tasks and additional worksheets
  • Exam-style questioning, annotated samples, exam preparation and formative and self-assessment opportunities to help identify and correct any gaps in understanding.

Curriculum compliant

The senior series is aligned with state-specific senior curricula including Victorian Study Design 2019, the Western Australian Years 11-12 syllabi, the New South Wales Stage 6 syllabus, the South Australian Stage 1 and 2 syllabi and the Queensland Senior Curriculum 2019.


Listen to a podcast about Ecco! Senior

Podcast is 16.25 min from our expert author team Gabriella Bertolissi, Adriana Blazincic, Carla Catanzariti, Maria Gaudioso, Maria Lo Presti.

Completing the 7–12 solution

The Ecco! series (Uno and Due 2nd Edition and Senior) spans the 7–12 years.

We’ve built in spiralling of learning and revisit some key concepts in Senior, so you and your students can benefit from consistency and continuity.

Digital learning

Make the most of digital learning tools and enrich teaching and learning with digital content in the Reader+ eBook. For students, it includes video and audio material, worksheets, vocabulary lists. The Teacher eBook is valid for the life of the edition and includes also teaching support material as well as audio downloads to ease planning and delivery.

For teachers, by teachers

Feel confident teaching with content that’s built using the latest version of your state’s Senior curriculum, teacher feedback, author expertise, examination requirements, intercultural learning and critical thinking principles.

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