Judy Comley


Judy Comley, the lead author of the Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4 series 1st and 2nd Editions, has been actively involved in French education in Victoria for over 40 years. This includes a long career in secondary schools as years 7-12 teacher, French co-ordinator, network leader and assessor for VCE oral examinations. She has been awarded Victorian French Teacher of the Year, was a writer for the VCAA’s Victorian Essential Learning Standards Progression Points in the LOTE domain and was the lead author of the Touché ! series.

Annabel Gassmann


Annabel Gassmann, one of the lead authors of Quoi de Neuf ? Senior and a contributing author and consultant on Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4 2nd Edition student books and teacher guides, has been actively involved in French education in France and in NSW for over 25 years. This includes a long languages career in NSW secondary schools as years 7-12 teacher and head of department. She is the Co-President of the NSW Association of French Teachers and has been involved extensively with NESA as an HSC marker, examiner, assessor, curriculum writer and HSC Chief Examiner.


Philippe Vallantin


Philippe Vallantin, one of the lead authors of Quoi de Neuf ? Senior, teaches French 7-12 including VCE French and IB French at Lauriston Girls and is President of the Association of French Teachers of Victoria. He has written components of Touché !Ça alors ! and Ça y est !, the Leading Edge French, and has co-written the Quoi de Neuf ? 1 and 2 activity books and consulted on the student books. He also works with the Alliance française de Melbourne and the University of Melbourne on different projects including the review of the Queensland French Curriculum.

Prue Clarke


Prue Clarke has taught French for many years at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School in Melbourne, where she has been Chief of Staff. She was a teaching consultant on the first edition of Quoi de Neuf ? 1 & 2 before taking on the authoring role on the first edition of Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 student book and activity book.

Nathalie Marchand


Nathalie Marchand has been actively involved in language education at primary and secondary levels for more than 16 years. She started her teaching career in England and has taught in two independent Victorian schools since 2007. She has experience in curriculum development and design, material development, as head of department for French, year level coordinator and examiner for both the VCE and IB examinations. She took part in the writing of online and assessing material for the first edition of Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4 and has written the extension/CLIL taster material in the new edition of Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, is an author on the Quoi de Neuf ? Senior resources and overall consultant on teaching and learning material for the series.


Salma Burfoot


Salma Burfoot, author on the Quoi de Neuf ? Senior resources, has taught French in Queensland secondary schools for the past 16 years. She has also been teaching mathematics and science in the French immersion program at Mansfield State high school since 1999. She has extensive experience in writing senior French work programs and assessment items for her school and in monitoring and verifying exams across many schools in south east Queensland in her role as a member of the QCAA district review panel.

James Armstrong


James Armstrong, author on the Quoi de Neuf ? Senior resources, has been teaching for 25 years. For the first 20 years, he taught French and German in inner-city schools in the north of England. As Curriculum Leader he developed strategies to meet the requirements of the UK National Curriculum and the various exam syllabuses. Since moving to Brisbane in 2014, James has been French Coordinator at a well-regarded state school. He has been a member of the French Panel for the QCAA, scrutinising and quality-assuring senior assessment portfolios. In 2016, James was a member of the QCAA Expert Writing Team, helping to create the updated senior French syllabus for introduction across Queensland in 2019.

Beatrice Vanderstichele


Beatrice Vanderstichele has taught French in Victorian independent secondary schools for the last 15 years. She has worked with students from Year 7 to 12 and has been an assessor for VCE oral and written examinations. She has experience in curriculum planning and material development, and has a particular interest in creating multimodal tasks to provide students with ample opportunities to practise their language skills. In recent years, she has co-written practice examination papers for years 11 and 12 for the Association French Teachers of Victoria. Beatrice has also been involved in mentoring beginning teachers and presenting workshops for the AFTV for teachers of senior years. She is a contributing author on Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 2nd Edition student book and 1-4 tests, and a consultant on the Quoi de Neuf ? Senior resources.

Ghislaine Barbe


Ghislaine Barbe is the author of the first edition of Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 teacher guide. An education consultant in Languages F-12 for the Association of Independent Schools NSW for many years, she taught French, Japanese and Korean at high school level and was the French Language consultant at the NSW Department of Education. The French Government formally recognised Ghislaine's involvement in the promotion of the French language and culture in Australia by conferring to her the title of Chevalier des Palmes Académiques.

Claire Courtel


Claire Courtel is a qualified native teacher of French who has been teaching both overseas and in Australia for nearly 20 years. She has a wealth of experience developing curriculum from beginner to proficient levels for a range of learners. Claire is passionate about language learning and promoting cultural awareness. She really enjoyed working on the pronunciation and drama videos for Quoi de Neuf ?.

Céline Fompudie


Céline Fompudie is a French and humanities teacher with many years experience teaching in Victoria and the ACT and also overseas in Lithuania and India. She has been actively involved in language education in Australia for the past 10 years. She is interested in implementing innovative language teaching methods and has been teaching using a wide range of approaches. She started and developed the CLIL program at Glen Eira College in Melbourne. She is the author of the Quoi de Neuf ? grammar animations and a reviewer of years 7-10 cross-curriculum material.

Martine Spooner


Martine Spooner, one of the consultants for Quoi de Neuf? Senior and author of the Quoi de Neuf ? 2 2nd Edition tests, has been teaching French in WA secondary schools since 1999. She has worked as a years 7-12 teacher for mainstream as well as gifted and talented students, and as a head of department and assistant head of learning area.

Contributing reviewers

Alex Brayle


Alex Brayle, a reviewer of Quoi de Neuf ?, has been working in education development and training throughout the Francophonie since the start of the 1990s, after a short career as a biologist and science journalist. He has worked in a range of high-impact roles between the Maghreb and Southeast Asia within the French international cooperation services, and then the AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie). Today Alex offers educational training and consulting services in France, Senegal and where the need arises.

Catherine Dhaussy


Catherine Dhaussy, a reviewer of Quoi de Neuf ?, lives in Paris after having spent several years abroad (Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Tunisia). Her academic background as a researcher in cross-cultural studies between French-speaking and English-speaking areas and her experience in international organisations have made her interested in foreign language acquisition and mutual comprehension among speakers with different backgrounds.