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Quoi de Neuf ?


Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, 2nd Edition


Student books

  • are revised based on teacher feedback and aligned with the latest French curricula across states in the secondary years

  • include updated information, thinking prompts and visuals to be more relevant to students and help them understand the diverse French-speaking cultures around the world

  • have new chapter introduction pages with Avant de commencer inquiry questions and updated end of chapter pages

  • Include some extra pages featuring scaffolded and carefully levelled cross-curriculum lessons which can be used as CLIL taster lessons or extension material

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Quoi de neuf student books

Quoi de neuf eBooks


  • is an eBook version of the student book

  • has a range of supporting media available including:
    - audio files
    - grammar explanation animations
    - pronunciation modelling videos
    - interactive games and cartoon stories
    - authentic, fun drama series videos

  • gives access to editable worksheets and chapter vocabulary lists

  • can be used offline and online, from anywhere, at any time

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Activity books

  • offer consolidation and practice

  • cater to differentiated teaching styles and to a variety of learning needs

  • follow the learning progression of the student book

  • encourage intercultural and critical thinking, as well as self and peer assessment and self-reflection

  • can be used either in the classroom or as homework

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Teacher resources

Teacher resources

  • feature a complete mapping of Quoi de Neuf ? resourcing and assets in the print teacher guide

  • have a teacher-specific eBook, which includes all student eBook content, and a range of additional resources such as curriculum grids, tests and projectable activity book answers

  • include downloadable audio files**

**Available for purchase. Talk to your local education consultant or bookseller about these resources.

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New Quoi de Neuf ? Senior

Senior book

  • is written to the newest state senior syllabi by an expert team of authors

  • is reviewed by experienced educators across Australia and Francophonie educational experts

  • offers up-to-date, relevant and authentic content

  • includes exam-style questions, preparation tasks and support

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Quoi de neuf senior

Quoi de neuf senior eBook


  • is an eBook version of the student book

  • has audio files

  • includes Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4, 2nd Edition grammar animations for revision

  • gives access to editable worksheets with additional listening, reading and grammar practice

 The eBook will be available late 2019


Teacher resources

  • Complimentary teacher support material comes in the teacher eBook

  • allow access to all student eBook content, and extra teaching support, providing more ways for students and teachers to engage


The teacher eBook will be available late 2019

Teacher resources