Spanning the secondary years


The only French series to offer a complete 7–12 learning progression, aligned to current state syllabi and the Australian Curriculum.


Quoi de Neuf ? is designed to help spark students’ curiosity and sustain their motivation to learn French. It combines authentic, relevant language content, texts and visuals with a focus on intercultural learning.


Explore Quoi de Neuf ? 1–4, 2nd Edition

Explore Quoi de Neuf ? Senior

What’s new for Quoi de Neuf ? 1–4, 2nd Edition?

For teachers, by teachers


You can feel confident teaching with content that’s built using the latest research and feedback from teachers just like you. We revised and updated the series with new content, features and engaging authentic visuals, based on teacher feedback, author expertise, best practice and current research. We’ve also kept the best features from the first edition.


Meet the authors

Curriculum compliant


Our 1–4 series is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and state-specific curriculum including the Victorian Curriculum, the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, as well as the Western Australian Curriculum.


Engaging at all levels


We included support and activities to suit all learning needs, helping students develop intercultural and critical learning skills, offering texts, audio material and fun videos relevant to their lives to achieve learning outcomes and engagement no matter what stage they're at.

Blended learning


Want the flexibility to teach with digital and traditional resources in your classroom?

The series is available as an eBook, with lots of added extras, via Reader+. So you can make the most of games, interactive cartoon stories, new videos and audio content, available at any time, from anywhere, to teach the way you want.

Teacher resources


We added a wide range of extra teaching resources to help ease teachers’ planning and preparation for lessons.

Resources include a print teacher guide, a teacher-specific eBook (accessed with Reader+) with Australian Curriculum and state curriculum mapping, tests, worksheets, rubrics, activity book answers and more.


Quoi de Neuf ? Senior

Resources for senior students


Quoi de Neuf ? Senior is an all-in-one resource that’s equipped to meet the needs of senior students in their final years of studies with a wealth of authentic reading and listening texts, challenging the needs of students and supporting them adequately.

Plus, it helps students prepare for their exams with a variety of learning tips while continuing to build intercultural skills with thinking, speaking and writing skills.

Curriculum compliant


The senior series is aligned with state-specific senior curricula including Victorian Study Design 2019, the Queensland senior curriculum 2019, the New South Wales Stage 6 syllabus and the Western Australian Years 11-12 syllabi.

Completing the 7–12 solution


The Quoi de Neuf ? series (1–4 2nd Edition and Senior) spans the 7–12 years. We’ve built in spiralling of learning, so you and your students can benefit from consistency and continuity.

Digital learning


Make the most of digital learning tools and enrich your teaching with digital content on Reader+. Not only does Reader+ host your eBook, it also has a wealth of video and audio material So you and your students have the autonomy and flexibility to use classroom resources in a way that suits best.