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This exciting course for students in years 7-9 caters for complete beginners as well as those with some prior knowledge of the language.


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Download a sample correlation grid here.

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What makes Jinbu so special?

Sample spread from Jinbu 2 Student Book
Sample spread from Jinbu 2 student book

Student book

The first Chinese series written for background and non-background learners, it provides a thorough foundation for progression to further studies of Mandarin Chinese. Jinbu depicts contemporary China and Chinese communities that students can relate to.

The student books include a wide variety of activities so lessons can be tailored for different abilities. 'Investigating characters' units show students how radicals relate to their meanings, making characters easier to remember.

The student books are rich in illustrations and photographs to engage students' interest.

Activity book

The innovative and engaging activity books continue the language and cultural explorations with prompts for intercultural language learning (IcLL).

Packed with fun and engaging activities that support each topic covered in the student books, the activity books are perfect for homework, extension and cover work.

Sample spread from Jinbu 2 Activity Book
Sample spread from Jinbu 2 activity book

An Integrated Digital Solution

Reader+ gives you access to the eBook version of your student book as well as bonus multimedia assets. It’s built to work online and offline, making content easily available anytime, anywhere, in every school. It works on PC and Mac, Android and iOS.

Learners can quickly navigate through their eBooks, read them, take notes and save bookmarks. Reader+ integrates multimedia (audio/video) and interactive activities that enhance and extend the reading experience.



Audio CDs

The accompanying audio CDs include all of the audio for the listening activities in the student book, recorded by native Chinese speakers and at the right pace for listening.

The audio tracks are revisited for extension work with the worksheets provided online in Jinbu Teacher Lounge.

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Student books

Jinbu 1 student book
Jinbu 2 student book


Activity books

Jinbu 1 activity book
Jinbu 2 activity book


Audio CD sample

Listen to Jinbu 1 student book audio CD sample



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